13 October 2021

Refreshing Your Home’s Exterior: 4 Tips to Help

If the exterior of your home is dingy, old and needing a refresher? Bringing it back to life with a new exterior painting project is extremely satisfying

28 September 2021

Fresh Coat of Paint for Real Estate Sales

With a real estate market that is hotter than the summers here, you may be considering selling or purchasing a new home. Realtors will recommend adding a fresh coat of paint before sales pictures are taken for a crisp and cared for look. This can be an inexpensive update that adds dividends at the closingRead the full article

23 August 2021

On Trend Cabinet Colors

Everyone congregates in the kitchen, where your cabinets could be worse for wear. Replacing is so passe, instead, repaint your cabinets. It will save you money and time. Here are cabinet colors to get you started. Opting for custom cut cabinets will leave your kitchen in disarray for quite some time. In addition, your walletRead the full article

30 July 2021

Local Painters with the Benefits of a National Brand

With life coming back to a new normal, homeowners are using local providers in record numbers. The community needs support, post-pandemic, it’s time to hire local. Working with locals in your area supports the community closest to you. But sometimes hiring locals means forgoing the benefits of a national company. Working with CertaPro Painters ofRead the full article

29 June 2021

How to Find Painters for My House

Painting your house is not a common home maintenance occurance. Because of this, many homeowners are tripped up when it’s time to hire a painter. Here’s our advice on how to find painters when the time comes. Research Find pros. Use your resources to get recommendations of painters. This can come from family and friendRead the full article

27 May 2021

5 Tips for Commercial Painting

Taking on a commercial painting project needs to be approached strategically to avoid down time and complications. Paint on the walls of your business set the tone for those clients visiting you. Updating the paint in your commercial space is a necessary albeit big investment into your company. In addition to a good painting project,Read the full article

20 April 2021

Silicon Valley Mansions: Get the Look

These mansions in the Bay area offer square footage in spades. Get the look by changing your home’s colors and make your own luxury retreat. Get the look of Silicon Valley Mansions with paint. Palo Alto It’s not the impressive amenities in this mansion that stand out. Sure, it’s home to an ice rink, pokerRead the full article

29 March 2021

Exterior Colors for Coastal California

Living on the coast of California is like living in a separate world. Your life is all beach all the time. The exterior colors of your home are no exception to this world. While there is no rulebook for what you can and cannot paint the exterior of your home (unless you live in anRead the full article

23 December 2020

Painting Siding for Vinyl and Aluminum

At CertaPro Painters of Silicon Valley, we are often asked about painting siding for vinyl and aluminum. Quite often, aluminum and vinyl siding are already painted when they are installed. This means they not only can, but should be maintained with good prep and fresh paint over time. These surfaces can be successfully painted, butRead the full article

10 November 2020

Celebrate the Holidays with the CertaPro Family

Our Annual Holiday Parties are events we enjoy planning for! Here’s how the CertaPro family celebrated the holidays. We have Raffles for Crew Members where some prizes included 52” flat screen TVs, Gift Cards to local stores for their families, and paint equipment like brand new sprayers. We have various Paint Store Reps contributing byRead the full article