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Dining room paint color to consider

Posted on October 2, 2022

Dining rooms can adapt to many interior design styles. From a classic style for more formal gatherings to something fun and eclectic like a bohemian theme, our painters in Silicon Valley have got you covered. As a space that is often used when friends and family visit, it is important that this room feels inviting. Below are a few of the trending paint colors and design trends for dining rooms this season.

The Traditional Dining Room

When you think of your dining room, you probably picture a cozy place to gather with friends and family during holidays and special occasions. If you are interested in keeping this space traditional, a few popular paint colors are cream, deep gray, and even burgundy. To add character to this style of room, consider adding decorative wainscoting to the walls.

Bohemian Interior Style

If you are looking for a style that is full of color and bold decor, bohemian is the trend for you. This style often utilizes gemstone colors and multiple textures. A few paint colors that would look great in your bohemian style dining room are rust, emerald, and deep purples. For decor, a patterned area rug and unique mirrors can do wonders for this type of style.

Formal Dining Rooms

A formal dining room often has a classic color scheme with elegant features. Shades of cream, tan, and gray can add an effortless flow to this space. Dark floors and crown molding are often two focal points of a formal dining room. In terms of decor, paintings and crystal chandeliers are quite popular.

Farmhouse Interior Style

Another popular style for dining rooms is a farmhouse design. The primary features of this style are often a long farmhouse table with bench seating, a rustic hutch to display decor, and other refurbished antique furniture. A few paint colors that work well in dining rooms are light gray, blue, and shades of cream.

Contemporary Interior Style 

Contemporary style homes often have neutral paint colors that flow throughout the residence, including in the dining room. Shades of white, gray, navy, and even black are commonly used in a contemporary interior design. When it comes to contemporary dining room decor, furniture will often have straight lines and there is almost always a really unique light fixture that accentuates the space. Modern art pieces can also be displayed as focal points.

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