22 February 2023

Tips for Hiring an HOA Contractor

When it’s time to give the outside of your HOA home a new coat of paint, you want to be sure that you choose experienced professionals who will do the job right. CertaPro Painters of Oswego have been trusted in the area for years and can provide exceptional quality when it comes to painting HOARead the full article

19 December 2022

Winter Colors for a Cozy Home

  Winter is an ideal time to tackle a painting project in your home, as the weather provides ideal humidity for the job and you’ll have a freshly painted home to enjoy for the rest of the winter season. Additionally, choosing to paint during the winter months gives you extra time to enjoy the outdoorsRead the full article

31 October 2022

Increase the Lifespan of Your Interior Paint with These Tips

Repainting a room in your home can be quite the challenge. Even if you have the work done by a professional painting company, it still typically involves moving or covering furniture, taping off outlets, and making the room essentially unusable until the fresh paint is dry. Because of this investment of time, effort, and money,Read the full article

30 September 2022

Change The Mood of Your Office with a Fresh Color

Office spaces are supposed to be wear we are at our most productive – however, a bad paint job (or simply bad choice of color) can immediately decrease the amount of productivity possible within a space. However, we can also use color to our advantage, giving a space more life than it had before, andRead the full article

30 June 2022

CertaPro Painters Understand Inflation Affects Everyone

Rising prices & inflation are everywhere, from gas, to bacon to airfare. The home contracting services businesses are not immune from these inflationary pressures. Unfortunately, the materials we work with are subject to the same inflationary rising rates. At CertaPro Painters, we try our best to pass on every discount to our customers, but we also must raise prices when the cost of our materials increase.

31 May 2022

Painting Your Small Retail Business Space

Since Summer is upon us, why not get your small retail business space painted? If you are a small business owner with a retail space in need of some freshening up, CertaPro Painters is your go-to expert.

02 May 2022

RePainting Kitchen Cabinets

Like many homeowners evaluating their renovation options, you may be thinking of painting your kitchen cabinets This can be a great way to affordably renew and revitalize one of the most used spaces in your home.

31 March 2022

Can You Paint Your Exterior Siding?

Over the past few decades, the trend for homes with exterior siding that needed refreshing was to put up & cover it with some of the same, or a different kind of siding. It is an easy quick solution to a dingy exterior. And when completed, it looks like a brand new home.

14 March 2022

Great Service = Cookie Monday!

One of our recent customers, Sarah C. from Earlville, was so happy with our service, she brought homemade cookies to our office Monday. The cookies, Cayenne Hot Chocolate with a hint of cayenne pepper, are her own creation. To help close on her new Earlville home, we worked with her bank on required documentation andRead the full article

27 February 2022

5 Easy Painting Projects for Winter

The middle of winter can be difficult. Especially after being at home more than usual for the past almost two years. The weather is dreary and gray. And there isn’t much you can do outdoors unless you are an avid outdoorsman or a professional skier. But these conditions can provide a great opportunity to complete a home improvement project or two. Why not make use of your mandatory indoor time by planning an interior painting project this winter?