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RePainting Kitchen Cabinets

Posted on May 2, 2022

Like many homeowners evaluating their renovation options, you may be thinking of painting your kitchen cabinets This can be a great way to affordably renew and revitalize one of the most used spaces in your home.

When planning a kitchen cabinet painting project, you can think of the exercise in terms of two key questions –

What are you starting with, and what do you want to end up with?

What kind of condition are your cabinets in or what kind of surface you starting with?

This tends to be the most significant factor in determining the best preparation and painting approach.

Is it high-gloss, or satin?

Smooth, or textured / grained?

– Smooth and / or high-gloss surfaces should be sprayed (with components such as drawers and doors done either on- or off-site), which consists of multiple, exacting sanding and coating steps, in order to produce an optimal final finish.

Conversely, lower sheen surfaces can often be rolled and brushed instead, reducing the total time and cost associated with the project.

What is the overall condition of the surfaces?

– Are they mostly smooth and solid, or heavily scratched up and nicked?

Some materials and finishes can be repaired more easily than others, so this is something to discuss during an estimate appointment.

What is the overall condition of the hardware?

– Are there damaged or broken knobs or handles? Sagging or ill-fitting doors? You may want to replace or adjust / repair certain elements in advance of or during the work, another consideration to discuss during an estimate appointment.

What do you want to end up with?

• A “face lift” of the door, drawer, and cabinet faces can help keep the project duration and cost down.
• The inclusion of interior faces, shelves, and cabinet cavities will address any accumulated scratches or other damage, as well as provide a consistent and “like new” overall look.
• Painting the kitchen walls in conjunction with the cabinets can dramatically enhance the final result without adding inordinately to the overall cost, something to consider as you envision the space.

Given the above parameters, and not to mention the variability in kitchen sizes and cabinet designs, there is a wide range in terms of the cost of kitchen cabinet painting: A face lift for a smaller kitchen could start around $1,100, up to $ 3,500+ for spray painting of larger cabinet installations.

If you’d like to learn more about the optimal solution for your home, schedule an estimate with your preferred painting company to go over the specifics together.

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