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Commercial Painting

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You have questions, we have answers! Below are some of our clients’ most Frequently Asked Questions about residential painting projects.

What Commercial Painting Services do you provide?

We provide both Commercial Interior and Exterior painting services. These services include: Drywall Repair, Interior Painting, Exterior Painting, High-Durability Coatings, Light Carpentry and Repairs, Light Pole Painting/Sign Painting, Off-hours and Weekend Production, and Stucco/EIFS Repairs.

Why hire professional commercial painters?

Unless you have a maintenance or employee painter on staff, then why would you not hire a professional painter? Painters in commercial environments are trained and experienced in working in work settings to deliver an outcome that will last and provide a new look to your company and/or team. If your business is branded then you will want your brand to look great and standout.

How long after the estimate does painting begin?

Most projects can be completed in a matter of a couple of weeks to schedule and complete painting. This is dependent on the time of year or if it is interior or exterior. We will work with you team/office to schedule the work as quickly as possible and with any timeline goals you have planned for.

How do I prepare for painting once I have signed a contract?

Your Sales Associate will work closely with you to notify you of the start date and any pre-requirements to be completed before the painting may begin, such as cutting back or trimming landscaping, repairs, picking out colors, etc…