What color to paint exterior trim for the perfect finish

Choosing colors for the exterior of your home can be truly tricky. Once you’ve landed on a main color, you think you’re out of the woods but now comes trim and accents. Time to begin the process all over again. Here are options of what color to paint exterior trim for the perfect finish on your home.

High or Low Contrast for Your Exterior Trim

First, decide if you want trim to stand out as a design element, or blend in with the color you have chosen. To make it blend it, choose a color similar to the exterior paint you’re going with. It should not be the same color. Go a few shades lighter or darker within the same color family. It will make trim look finished without standing out against the paint.

High contrast can be found by referring to a color wheel. The colors directly across from each other are complementary yet high contrast. If you choose a house color in the green family, consider red or pick a main color of blue and trim it with orange.

Black will always act as a high contrast color for trim. As an added benefit, it goes with nearly any color scheme you can imagine. It’s a neutral, high contrast, safe choice for any decor.

Monochromatic with multiple finishes

One way to make a home look pulled together is to use the same color throughout your painting but with different finishes in each area. An exterior of matte grey all over could be blah. Instead, choose a glossy version of the color to finish shutters, doors, or other architectural elements. It will give the house definition without different colors.


Neutrals are a great way to introduce another color to your home’s exterior without overwhelming the eyes. Paint your home a bright primary color. Introduce a greige or olive natural color element to tone down the bright hue.


One way to stand out is to use a neutral color on the majority of your home and make a bright statement on your door, shutters, or bricks. A bright red or blue makes a refined option. Paired with a neutral undertone, this option is a good way to boost curb appeal without worrying if your colors match.

bright house paint trim example

Your home is your home

Remember when choosing your colors, they should appeal to you. Your home is yours and should make you happy to come home to. It’s an extension of your personality. Look at the exterior as a blank canvas for you to decorate as you see fit.


house trim painting example