17 February 2020

How to Select the Right Paint and Color to Sell your Home

When selecting the paint color for your home first consider your situation. Are you looking to sell your home in the near future or is this home permanent for you? It is important to ask yourself these questions because painting projects can be time consuming and expensive. If you are planning on paint your home,Read the full article

08 January 2020

Painting Metal Siding & Gutters | Professional Tips & Tricks

Exterior metal surfaces require different techniques and prep work for painting than other common exteriors like stucco or wood. In residential, its fairly uncommon to have exterior metal walls (but we have seen it), however metal gutters, rails, support structures, or accents are common. These surfaces need maintenance and painting just as much as yourRead the full article

19 December 2019

7 Guest Room Paint Colors

When guests stay in your home, most home owners generally want guests to feel comfortable and calm while staying in a guest bedroom. Paint colors can be a large player in the overall ‘feel’ of a room. We have painted many interiors over the years in the Northridge and Granada Hills areas of Los AngelesRead the full article

11 November 2019

Common Causes of Drywall Damage & Repair

Drywall Problems and Repairs | Northridge & Granada Hills, CA We have been doing interior painting work in the Northridge CA area for a few years, and running into problems with drywall is common. Our team is trained and prepared to recognize these types of problems and repair them as part of the prep processRead the full article

08 October 2019

Pressure Washing in Northridge, CA and Nearby Areas

Pressure Washing in California We offer pressure washing as a service to most of northern LA including: Northridge, Granada Hills, Santa Clarita, North Hills, Valencia & More. Pressure washing is a cleaning process often used to prep surfaces for painting projects, however – we often complete stand-alone pressure washing projects to clean surfaces of builtRead the full article

11 September 2019

4 Trending Paint Colors That Will Give You a Fresh Start

As we head into a new season, why not update your interior colors too? Bring in new shades to impress holiday visitors with vivid and trending updates. Here are 4 trending paint colors that will give you a fresh start. Lilac Take a nod from the flowers outdoors like Forget Me Nots and Lilacs ofRead the full article

11 August 2019

The Guide to Paint Finishes

Choosing your color for a paint project can seem like it’s the most important decision. The sheen will have just as much impact on the look of your finished project as the color. The finish can change the look of a color, give you a more cleanable surface or hide imperfections. Now you see theRead the full article

10 July 2019

Paint to Weatherproof: Paint Technology to Protect

Paint just makes your home look nice, right? Wrong. Many paint manufacturers are now saying their paint technology can help your home with other issues too. Here’s paint to weatherproof: paint technology to protect your home. Northridge, CA has had an unusually wet spring and summer. You may be noticing issues related to rain onRead the full article

02 July 2019

Beware Blah: Neutrals That Don’t Feel Bland

Even just the word neutral screams bland. Colors on your walls tend to be active, passive or neutral. The word itself means impartial. Read: bland. Since the colors in the neutral palette are used as a common decorating strategy. Combine neutrals Since neutrals match nearly any shade, they also match each other. There is noRead the full article

27 June 2019

Paint Concrete in 6 Steps

Turning a basement into a rec room for the kids can seem as easy as paint and go. Not true. Painting concrete is more complicated than drywall, but you can do it. Here is how to paint concrete in 5 steps. Because concrete is porous and breathes, moisture can be an issue. It will alsoRead the full article