The best paint color visualizer websites

The days of limited color selection and little paper swatches of paint color are basically over. While you can still get a fan deck of color choices from most paint companies, the move to picking colors from your desktop or phone is the new normal. It’s also not limited to just picking a single color, you also get the option, in some cases, of discovering an entire palette of colors that work well together.

Being able to see an entire house exterior or an interior room painted in a chosen color palette makes the decision process much easier, reduces do-overs, and prevents “color choice anxiety”  in the first place. With these apps, you are basically getting to see into the future to a finished paint job before the first coat is applied.

The ultimate is being able to upload and use a picture of your own home or individual room and seeing how that will look when repainted.

To make it easier for you to find the right house painting app we are going to try to include a webpage link and also links to apps so that you can either read more or just go and grab the app for your phone.

In this guide, we are breaking down all the great painting apps and websites out there in 2021 into three groups: Paint makers, color testers, General Paint color testers, and apps that can isolate colors inside of pictures.

Paint color visualizer websites.

  1. Paint manufacturer apps and websites – from each of the paint companies in the US that offer them. Note that each of these services only showcases the paint colors made by that individual manufacturer.

Sherwin Williams –

Benjamin Moore –

Behr –

Glidden –

Valspar –

Dunn-Edwards –

Pratt and Lambert –

PPG Paints –

McCormick Paints –


  1. General house painting apps and websites – ones that combine all the possible colors from different paint makers or colors in general. These sites show a full range of colors from more than one paint manufacturer to give you an even greater selection.


PaintMyPlace –

Prestige ColorPic –

Home Depot – Project Color –

Lowes Color360 –!/active/color-wall


  1. Color capture apps – ways to find colors in pictures and isolate them and/or create palettes from them. These apps are good for finding a color inside of a picture so that you can match the color of something like a painting or rug to a wall color.

Luminant Software –

Color Grab (color detection) –

For heavyweight professionals – NIX –


A bonus for you – Once you have a color chosen you might want to find some complementary colors to go with it. If you have the color’s “hex code” you can enter it on these websites to find interesting colors to pair it with:

Sessions College –

Palleton –


If all of these tools leave you more confused than when you started please feel free to contact CertaPro Painters® of Northridge – Granada Hills and schedule a free color consultation with one of our local experts. They will be familiar with local trends as well as have a complete understanding of how to pick colors for any home, including yours!