Paint to Weatherproof: Paint Technology to Protect

Paint just makes your home look nice, right? Wrong. Many paint manufacturers are now saying their paint technology can help your home with other issues too. Here’s paint to weatherproof: paint technology to protect your home. Northridge, CA has had an unusually wet spring and summer. You may be noticing issues related to rain on your home’s exterior. Here are some tips, tricks and product recommendations to try and get ahead of the storm.


Paint is the first line of defense for your home against the elements outside. This means it seals out the rain, sleet, ice and snow. Cracks and bubbles in paint cause the barrier to be broken and allow the wetness to seep into the walls. Further, if water is in the walls, you could be dealing with mold, rot, and a bigger repair bill. By updating your paint if it’s older and showing cracks, you could prevent the water from ever entering.

Work with Moisture

There are some paint brands that boast the ability to work with moisture in concrete and brick, in particular. The elasticity of the paint is increased to prevent cracking over masonry, stucco, brick and concrete. Behr’s Premium Elastomeric Paint is said to expand up to 600%. It also claims to withstand rains and up to 100 mph winds. As an acrylic latex paint, mildew and dirt are also no problem.

Keep cool

We have all burned our feet on a sun-soaked pool deck. Some new paints now include IR Reflective Technology to avoid the heat. Sherwin-Williams SuperDeck uses pigments in their deck stains to reflect heat and keep temperatures more bearable on hot days.

Paint on Siding

Liquid Rubber Siding is 10 times thicker than regular paint, making the protection it provides the same as new siding. It comes in thousands of colors to appeal to any style and provides the same protection as siding would.

Avoid Vermin

Pest control experts have long touted using diluted white latex paint to keep vermin out of trees and houses. Using it around fruit trees will protect your spoils, but using it around cellars, windows, porches and foundations will encourage critters to go elsewhere.

Prevent Rust

Using particular paints can deter the formation of rust. Rust-Oleum is particularly famous for its use on metal products that are exposed to the elements. It has been long touted for use on metal railings, patio furniture or exposed metal around your home. The oils within the paint protect the paint from weathering and chipping, and protect the metal if it does.


Need a hand?

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