Ideas to Update Your Home Office

Just about everyone has some kind of dedicated office (or homeschooling) space in their home due to the past two years of having to stay home. Unfortunately or fortunately, these home office spaces are probably here to stay for the immediate future. So you should make the most of this new space and decorate it to make it feel inspiring for you to use it for working or for your kids to use for studying.

Why not create a space that you will love to work in and/or your kids like to study in? You don’t have to break your budget to make a few color & decor changes. You can change up the furniture you already have, if need be. There are plenty of creative ways to redesign a room with the things you already own.

Redesigning any room in your home can be expensive. However, something as simple as painting your workspace can make a world of difference. Different colors have different effects on your psychology, meaning that the right color can put you in the right mindset to get the day’s work done.

To begin, you need the right color canvas to start redesigning your perfect home office space.

Here are some ideas and inspiration to get started on your new home office

A Balance with Blue

The color blue has a perfect combination of concentration and calm for a home office. Darker shades of blue are a highly recommended color choice to paint your home office or workspace.

Your office will be a comforting space that reduces stress and distractions while you are trying to get things accomplished. Blue is said to increase a person’s capacity to think logically and creatively, making it a perfect color for a balanced mind

Be Creative with Smaller Spaces

If you have limited space options, you can be creative with furniture. For example, attaching your desk to the wall and making it longer can give you a great desk with plenty of space to work.

This also allows you to have plenty of other open space in a smaller room. If you do have a smaller space, you may want to consider painting it with a lighter color to open up the space and make it appear larger. You can also use mirrors on the walls to make the space appear larger.

Add Lots of Shelves for Storage

If you have little floor space but lots of wall space, this is a great opportunity to take advantage and build shelves on those walls. You will be amazed at how much storage you can get from shelves on your walls.

This can also make your home office look more library-like. You can also color coordinate the shelves just for aesthetic and/or organizational reasons.

You could paint your new shelves white for a modern design or you could go for darker colors to give them a library look.

Use greenery and live plants to give your office cleaner air and an open space feel

Adding potted plants can liven up any area, but they can be especially useful in areas that are stuffy or cramped. If you have a room that has little natural light, there are plants that can survive with less light and they clean the air in the room naturally.

Since you will probably spend at least 40 hours a week in this room, it should make you feel productive and motivated. Live plants can help it feel like an office space, not a cramped room in the back of your house.

These are just a few suggestions to help with decorating your home office space. CertaPro painters are always here to help you choose colors and refresh any of your interior and/or exterior spaces.

When you’re ready to refresh your office space, give CertaPro Painters® of Northridge – Granada Hills a call at 818-714-7004 or schedule a free estimate online today.