Great Colors to Paint a Bedroom

Choosing a master bedroom color should express your personality and be a room of rest. Picking the best color can seem overwhelming but with a few ideas before you start your search can help make it easy. Here are some great colors to paint a bedroom. In this post we will cover some of the most popular bedroom paint colors in 2019.

Before you start your search, take into consideration the size of your room. Master suites are normally larger than your other bedrooms. They also include closets, bathrooms and other architectural elements to think about when choosing a color. Your colors don’t have to be all the same but should complement each other as a whole.


Think about your mood in your room. Many homeowners will agree they are looking for a refuge from the day and a calming effect in their room. A neutral palette gives you a clean and calming effect while offering an easy backdrop for pops of color in your linens or accessories. Changing out the extra colors is easy with this approach, because nearly any will match with it.


If you’re looking for more than a greige, choose a color that speaks to you. Love green? Use it. It’s a good combination of warm and cool while calming. Really like red? Use it on your walls or a stimulating feel. In a muted tint or as an accent wall, the color is subtle and seductive.


Try soothing pastels for bedrooms. A light blue or yellow can be a subdued and relaxing color while also being more stylish than neutrals. The colors are classic and will match with any style of furniture you choose for the room.

Deep tones

Want to go dark? There are no rules here. If you have always wanted a deep brown or blue room, go for it. The dark colors will help you turn down for bed at night. It makes the artwork and textiles stand out against a dark background. Even a black wall can create a stunning showpiece in your bedroom. Pair it with lighter colors or metallic tones to lighten the dark.

Follow what your style leads you to and you are sure to find great colors to paint a bedroom, master or guest.