Get your Guest Bedroom Looking Great

Whether you’ve got an old friend from college spending the night or your in-laws staying for 3 weeks, preparing for guests shouldn’t be a daunting task. You want everyone to feel welcome and have everything they need. But you also have the same full schedule you always had. Not to mention, you want to make sure your home looks its best.

Do your guest rooms need a quick refresher? CertaPro can help with that! Our interior painting experts can have those guest rooms looking brand new for when your in-laws arrive.

At CertaPro, we are here to help you prepare your rooms for your guests with zero stress.

To help you prepare, we’ve rounded up some simple ways to get your guest room in shape for your next guests.

Preparing the Bed

You want your guests to have a good nights’ sleep while visiting. So make sure the bed in your guest room has a comfortable bed. Most people don’t buy new mattresses for their guest room. The guest room bed is usually home to your old mattress that you have replaced.

However, your guests will never guess that it’s used when you buy a great mattress pad to make it feel brand new. If you dress up the guest bed with some crisp, clean sheets and fluffy pillows, then your guests will think they are staying at an expensive, exclusive bed and breakfast.

Also, make sure to have extra blankets available, just in case your guests need them.

Making Room in the Closet

Sometimes, homeowners use the guest room closet for extra storage. If you do, make sure to clean out the closet before your guests arrive. If your guests are staying for more than one night, they will need closet space to store their unused clothing and items.

If you have dressers, you will want to make sure there is space in the drawers for your guests’ things. Being able to be organized and unpacked will make your guests feel more comfortable and at home.

Nightstands with Lamps

For your guests’ comfort, you will want to make sure there is a nightstand close to the bed with a lamp. Some people enjoy reading right before bedtime. This allows your guests to relax in their room at the end of the evenings while staying with you and also feel more at home.

Also, you will want to add a charging station for your guests’ phones or other electronic

This allows them to easily charge items overnight while they are sleeping.

Add a Wastebasket

This is an important piece that can be easily forgotten. You accumulate a lot of things throughout a day that need to be thrown away. Help your guests out and provide them with a wastebasket so they don’t have to go hunting for a place to get rid of their trash.

Add a Full-Length Mirror

This is another great item to have on hand for your guests. Everyone likes to do a “Once over” in a mirror before leaving the house. Especially when you are going to see people you haven’t seen in a long time. This is just a little extra to make your guests feel at home.

Extra Towels & Toiletries

Speaking of little extras, it can be a good idea to have extra towels in the bathroom for your guests’ use. Also, you may want to have extra soaps, shampoos & shaving creams in the guest bathroom. This can be a lifesaver if your guests forgot certain things like these at home. And your guests feel more comfortable when they don’t have to ask for things over and over again.

Being creative and thinking of your guest’s needs ahead of time, leaves a welcoming impression. CertaPro painters love to work with homeowners to create a beautiful space for your guests to stay in each time they visit your home.

At CertaPro, we even have a color consultant that can help with questions about color palettes, trending colors, etc.

Having guests shouldn’t be stressful. By thinking ahead and working with CertaPro painters, you can create the perfect space for your holiday guests without increasing your workload.

Are you expecting guests this holiday season or any time after the new year? Do you need more than just a few tips to get your guest bedroom & bathroom in order? Call CertaPro to help with all your interior painting needs.

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