Why should I Paint My Stucco House?

Stucco Lasts Forever Right? Well, not exactly…

Here are five good reasons why you should always paint it.

Stucco is a long-lasting finish applied to the exteriors of many homes in Southern Florida. It’s often used in the Miami area as an attractive and durable way to sheath your home and protect it against the elements. Stucco doesn’t require much maintenance, but it can start to fade or become damaged over time. Making timely repairs and painting your stucco to maintain it can keep your home looking good for many years. Here are 5 reasons why painting your stucco exterior is a good idea.

Paint Seals Moisture Out of Stucco

Stucco is porous and has a very uneven surface so when it rains, your stucco might collect and absorb water and become darker until it eventually dries. By sealing it with a fresh coat of paint, the potentially damaging moisture will be prevented from being absorbed. This waterproofs your home’s exterior and prevents moisture from working its way in. Paint adds a layer of protection between your interior and the outside. Keeping water out will prevent damage to the stucco itself and keep your home looking beautiful and uniformly finished.

Paint Covers Stucco Stains

Stains form on stucco when contaminants in water adhere to the substrate. Whether you’re discovering rust stains from nails or mineral-based well water staining from lawn sprinklers, these stains are unattractive but seemingly unavoidable. Stain build-up from these causes and more can be covered with a new coating of paint. With the right color choice, they can be rendered invisible and won’t form on dried paint that is far less porous.

Stucco RepairPaint Fills in Tiny Cracks in Stucco

fine cracks develop in stucco over time due to impacts and temperature-driven expansion and contraction. Eventually, they tend to grow in size at the spot they first form which leads to expensive repair bills. You can even have whole chunks of stucco crack and fall off turning a small problem into a large one. Painting your home when these cracks first appear means you are sealing out water and makes your home look brand new again.
If you do have large cracks they require immediate repair. Professional painters use exterior caulk or stucco material patching to address these areas. Taking care of these problems before they arise will help you keep costs under control. Before starting any paint job make sure your painting contractors have the experience and skill to address these problems as part of their prep work.

Paint Simply Improves Your Curb Appeal

Whether you are getting ready to sell your home, or just enjoy it more yourself, painting the exterior improves your home’s appearance. If you are considering selling then picking an on-trend color will set your home apart from the crowd which will impress visitors and potential buyers. In fact, most realtors will suggest an exterior repainting of your stucco as the first step to staging your house for sale. This often results in a higher sales price that exceeds the cost of painting entirely.

Paint Offers Protection from the Sun’s UV Rays

The sun is constantly beating on your paint every day. The UV rays will eventually wear away at the durability of the paint. Since this is the first line of defense between your family and insect infestation and moisture entry, you want to have the best protection. Once the paint begins to fade and fail, you’re on a fast track to holes and cracks. Without intervention, this can ultimately lead to pricey structural damage. Painting the stucco regularly protects your home from all of this.

stucco paintingSo How Often Does Stucco Need to be Painted?

While stucco is very durable, it does require routine maintenance including repairs and periodic repainting. With today’s high-quality paints your coating can last up to 20 years. To get there you need to inspect your exterior annually, look for cracks, peeling, chipping, or other imperfections and take the necessary steps to address them. Once your repairs are complete, you’ll need to paint.

Choose Experienced Stucco Painters

Not every house painting contractor is also a stucco repair expert. It requires a combination of skills to deal with your stucco home. This is why it’s so important to trust the job to experts with experience in both stucco repair and exterior painting. At CertaPro Painters® of North Miami, our team of trained professionals are experts at working with stucco homes, they have the experience, tools, training, paints, and materials to get the job done right, on time, the first time. If you would like to protect your stucco home with an exterior repair and repaint contact us today for a free estimate!