Cracking and Bulging House? Miami Stucco Painting and Repairs

Stucco is known for its long-lasting and low maintenance characteristics making it a perfect medium for houses in our area. The durability in it means that when you find a crack or bulge, it’s a concern. You could be looking at Miami stucco painting and repair services.

For this geography, likely your stucco deficiencies are not because of seismic change or seasonal interruptions. More likely, there is some outside force causing this problem that should be addressed. It’s important for you to consult a professional to determine the cause, appropriate repairs, and patching that may be necessary. Let’s look at each issue and see what your home is trying to tell you.


cracked section of stucco exterior before being repaired.

Cracks, even the smallest can signify underlying damage. Less than 1/16 inches and more than likely means your home’s exterior integrity is not in danger. Repairing them will allow you to head off a bigger issue that could be starting to show up.

To repair a small crack, get a high-quality caulk and brush for stippling while the caulk is wet. This helps the repair to blend into the exterior of your stucco. After it’s dried, you can paint it to match.

Larger cracks are indicative of a more significant issue going on inside your walls. If you find these larger cracks at the intersection of vertical walls, window corners, or door frames. Since they are deeper, potentially water is getting into the building. You’ll want to address this quickly.

It’s best to consult a professional for these deep lesions in your home. They will have the knowledge to diagnose and repair the issue.
Deep cracks are best addressed by a professional with abilities to look at what the causes are and how best to fix them and the underlying issues causing them.


section of stucco that is bulging out from the wall.

Bulging is rarely a good sign. Normally it signifies water trapped inside your walls causing the walls to warp. Softening of the stucco can allow it to absorb water and weight and eventually break away from the wall. This allows for a host of issues, like paint failure, rot, mold, smells, and potentially irreparable damage.

Since this is a more intricate repair, you will want to consult a professional. They will need to find the source of the wetness before beginning any repairs. After the repairs are dry, we apply stucco, replace plaster and add texture to blend the repair.

Need a professional? Hire stucco repair help.