3 Professional Tips for Painting Stucco

CertaPro Painters of North Miami specialize in Stucco Repairs and Stucco Painting for both commercial buildings and residential homes. Our professional painters have experience repairing cracking, bulging, and damaged stucco in the Miami local areas. Painting stucco can become cumbersome so here are some quick tips:

Clean Stucco
It is important to paint over a clean stucco surface. Exterior surfaces undergo extreme weather conditions that can wear and tear stucco over time. Miami is known for its stucco homes and buildings some of which are much older properties. For older stucco properties, a power wash to deep clean the older crevices is required to remove years of debris. However, most homes and buildings may only a quick dry brush to remove dirt, dust, and debris.

Perfect Painting Tools
Every experienced professional painter will tell you that it is important to use the best painting tools to achieve that smooth paint finish. For painting stucco surfaces, 1-inch thick nap roller brush will help the paint adhere best to the stucco. High-Density Polyester rollers work best for rough surfaces for stucco painting projects.

Acrylic Paint Primer
Apply an acrylic primer is important to help the paint adhere better to the surface. And applying a good primer is important to obtain the color and quality intended from the paint being used. An extra tip: apply spray paint to cover those deep and hard to reach areas in stucco before or after the primer.

Our local Miami painters are experienced with stucco repairs, power washing, and painting stucco. Check out our painters’ portfolio and schedule a FREE ESTIMATE online!