16 Hues for Your Hustle, From Our Home Office Painters

Home offices used to be a splurge in most homes. They weren’t the necessities required for today’s life. Most people had a cubicle at work to accomplish their daily tasks, so if you had a home office, it was typically a posh retreat. These days, home offices are necessary. Setting up an area to do your daily work is a requirement as we move away from traditional 9 to 5 jobs. Here are 16 hues guaranteed to enhance your hustle at home from our home office painters.

Stay Awake

You know you have dialed into conference calls full of confusing jargon. Use the color on your walls to enhance your energy levels. Avoid boredom with a jolt of energy from the walls. No bland or beige here.


While red can be intense, it can also evoke warmth and increase your brain’s activity. Use the color to add vibrance and increase oxygen supply to the brain.


Coral is less intense than red while providing the same stimulating benefits. This a more playful approach to add a pop of color to the home office.


The natural flow of the sun sets our circadian rhythm. If your room is lacking in natural light and you find yourself drowsy in mid-afternoon, bring some sunshine yellow into the room. Our home office painters have had resounding success in opening up dark and quiet rooms with buttery yellow paint. Choose a well balanced yellow-orange to keep you awake and cheerful and avoid the naptime needs.

Stay Positive

Working from home, while sometimes necessary is not the dream for everyone. Fringe benefits include avoiding rush hour commutes and stiff suits. The downside means a solitary confinement with no water cooler breaks or separation between work and life. It’s really important to bring positivity and zen to your home office space.


While bold yellow helps you stay focused and awake, barely there yellow creates a positive vibe in your work space. The less vibrant version of the color brings cheerfulness into the room, allowing you to spend the day there without crankiness.


As a parley there pink, blush is so subtle you’ll be asking if it’s white. The rosy undertones give it a pink filter while using the white to reflect light and bring a lightness to the room.

Stay Productive

If your to do list is as long as your arm, you need to make sure you are productive all day long. Time management can take you so far, but using colors for an extra boost can’t hurt. Use these colors, guaranteed to get you through your day and your list.


Green’s natural feeling allows you to feel energized and refreshed in your home office, two feelings that will surely help you get busy with work. Greens enhance concentration, reading retention and cheerful feelings. Attacking a busy day is easier when you are surrounded by green.


Go bold with warm and vivid magenta. The color stimulates activity and movement. If pacing helps your brain work, this is the perfect time to add the color to your room. Modern and bold, this paint allows a chic and sophisticated look that is your secret weapon to get the day done.


To stay focused for a long stretch of time, go with a bright blue. While the color is widely accepted as a productive color, it also helps you stay focused at the task at hand. With high energy and deep pigment, the color is useful to maintain your attention throughout a long day.

Stay Relaxed

Working on deadlines in your place of refuge is naturally going to stress you out. Looming deadlines, never ending to do lists and long meetings fill your days. Use color to help you keep calm through all of your work. Our home office painters have had very relaxing rooms in these color categories.


Take a note from the sky and ocean and paint your room in a calming blue. Make sure the hue you choose is a muted blue, allowing for the most stable and peaceful feelings to be evoked.


For a cool color, barely there gray with slight undertones is minimal enough to read neutral but colorful enough to create a calming environment for work.

Get Started

Painting a home office seems like a small job, so ambitious do it yourselfers will be anxious to get started. If you’re looking for a more professional outcome from a crew, let our home office painters help. Schedule a free, no-obligation estimate with our team now.