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Residential and Commercial Painters in Cibolo, TX

Welcome to Cibolo, TX! Cibolo is located to the northeast of San Antonio and right next door to the Randolph Air Force Base, a major pilot training facility for the United States Air Force. Due to this location, many businesses and companies flocked to the area, creating a housing and population boom. Although Cibolo is looking to the future with its ever-growing citizenry of 25,000, it still offers a “country” way of life for those looking to maintain some historic roots. The “City of Choice” is a charming community, offering a wonderful foundation in which to live and raise a family!

Our professional painters can update any interior or exterior space in the local service area. To learn more about our wonderful team of painters, feel free to check out our positive reviews on Google.

Main Street in Cibolo

Cibolo Exteriors

Most homes in Cibolo are less than 15 years old and many have never been repainted. Typical homes are 50-75% cement fiberboard siding (also known by name brand Hardiplank) along with stone, brick, or stucco.

The average home in Cibolo takes two days to paint and the price ranges from $2600-$4000. Size, color selection, and condition of the exterior all factor into price and length of project. We recommend a repaint every 7-10 years to avoid any permanent damage to your exterior.

Choosing Colors For Your Cibolo Exterior

Most builders in Cibolo gave the option for 3-5 different exterior colors. This made it easy on the builder, however, it is very boring! We love working with our Cibolo customers to choose new colors that complement their stone or brick accents on the home.

We recommend keeping it simple with one body color and one trim color. Be sure to check with your HOA before starting any project to ensure you have all the proper approval to paint and /or change color. We also have plenty of customers that just want to stick to the original color and that is fine too! Our painters can color match on the first day of the job.

Cibolo Exterior Painting Tips:

Rotted trim and fascia are of particular concern for Cibolo exterior homes. The Texas sun can be brutal on a home’s exterior. It is important that if you see rotted wood on your home’s exterior, that you address it as soon as possible, so that you do not cause further damage to your home’s exterior. Part of our exterior painting process in is to replace or repair any rotted wood and prime and paint for a seamless finished look.

No gutters – One of the contributing factors to rotted trim and fascia on your Cibolo home is because many homes do not have gutters. We highly recommend gutters to extend the life of your exterior trim and protect your foundation. We can recommend several companies we work with to install gutters and we can coordinate this with your exterior painting project.

Downtown cibolo with certapro team

They are very professional and I would recommend them. It is hard to find a painter that keeps to the expected schedule, lets you know about delays due to weather slowing other jobs down, and returns phone/email in a prompt manner.

- Brian B.

Brian B.

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Painting Projects in Cibolo, TX

Below are a few painting projects that we have completed in the local service area. Click on any image to zoom in.

Interior Painting Services

Interior Painting Services

We painted the interior of this local home. The result was beautiful and seamless.

Exterior Painting Service

Exterior Painting Service

Here is an example of a local home that we updated the exterior of.

Bathroom Refresh

Bathroom Refresh

Our painters can also paint or stain the cabinets at your residence.

Other Residential Services in Cibolo

Check out our Brick Painting Services

Brick Painting Services

CertaPro Painters® of NE San Antonio offers professional brick painting services to homes and businesses in NE San Antonio area. Interior or exterior painted brick surfaces can completely change the look and feel of your home. Give those brick surfaces a new look by making an appointment today!

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Check out our Cabinet Refinishing and Repainting

Cabinet Refinishing and Repainting

Your cabinets are perhaps one of the most touched surfaces in your home, so it’s no surprise that they wind up with a little wear and tear. At CertaPro Painters® of NE San Antonio, TX we’ll work with you to find a finish or paint that meets the needs of your home and daily routine.

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Check out our Carpentry Services

Carpentry Services

CertaPro Painters® of NE San Antonio provides professional carpentry repair services to homeowners in the San Antonio area. Our skilled team is experienced in common issues with houses in the region and can bring aging components of your home’s woodwork back to life.

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Check out our Cement Fiberboard Siding Painting

Cement Fiberboard Siding Painting

Fiber cement siding, often called hardie board or hardie plank, is considered a low maintenance material because of its high durability. One reason this type of siding has such high durability is that it absorbs less moisture, allowing for fewer cracking instances. Additionally, its cement composition can help homes better withstand extreme weather‌. Call CertaPro today to get your home siding painted.

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Check out our Crown Molding Painting

Crown Molding Painting

Crown molding is a great way to add elegance in a home. It is timeless, ornate and exquisite looking. The CertaPro NE San Antonio team can paint decorative borders around your home including fireplace mantels, baseboards, door casings, and wainscoting.

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Check out our Drywall Repair

Drywall Repair

Whether your home has water damage that requires drywall repair or your walls have medium-to-large holes that need patching, the CertaPro Painters® of NE San Antonio, TX crew will patch, sand and prime, to create a flawless surface to paint on.

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Check out our Power Washing

Power Washing

Power washing is a vital step in painting the exterior of your home. CertaPro Painters® of NE San Antonio, TX uses the process to remove mold, oil and old paint so new paint absorbs into your surface better.

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Check out our Stucco Repairs and Painting

Stucco Repairs and Painting

As with any other home exterior, it’s important to maintain the stucco or EIFS (also known as synthetic stucco) covering your home. The CertaPro Painters® of NE San Antonio, TX team is very knowledgeable in both repairs and painting related to these two materials and will work alongside you to determine what services your home needs.

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Check out our Wallpaper Removal

Wallpaper Removal

Removing wallpaper can be a tricky task. The crew at CertaPro Painters® of NE San Antonio, TX is skilled in removing wallpaper and will make this time-consuming task, hassle-free for you. All you’ll have to do is enjoy the final look.

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The whole experience was a breeze, from the initial walk through with your sales team on through the completed job. Thank you all very much for an outstanding job!!!

- Tim W. | Cibolo, TX

Tim W. | Cibolo, TX

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Cibolo Interior Painting Thoughts:

Open-floor plan homes have been very popular in Cibolo for years. Open concepts often have tall ceilings, rounded corners, and massive foyers. Our painters are equipped with the necessary ladders and scaffolding required to complete this job correctly.

Typically, our Cibolo customers select one neutral color to use throughout the open floor plan. Popular neutral colors include SW 7029 Agreeable Grey and SW7036 Accessible Beige. Some customers choose to use different colors in the bedrooms and playrooms/media rooms.

Interior Repairs

Many homes in Cibolo have some minor interior repair work that needs to be completed before painting can begin. Examples include prior water damage, damaged corner beads, nail pops, and settlement cracks. Our team can take care of any repair work in your home prior to painting.

Find out more about how we support the Cibolo Community

We are proud Sponsors of the Cibolo Family YMCA and the Guadalupe Children’s Advocacy Center.

Estimating Texas Home

The painters who worked on site were very professional and were happy to answer questions and were perfectionists. Great experience.

- Kim T.

Kim T.

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Getting Started With Us

We have paint contractors in Cibolo waiting to help you with your remodeling or renovation project. All you have to do is take the first step in contacting us for a quote. Once we receive your quote request, we will assess your needs, and provide you with an estimate for the work that needs to be completed. If that estimate falls in line with your budget, we will schedule a time to start the project.

You do not need to worry about managing the project. We do it all for you. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the results.

Speaking of results, we are committed to your complete satisfaction. After the project is complete, we will ask you to do a walk through. This is to ensure our work meets your expectations. Now that you know how we work and what we offer, let’s get started. Contact us now for a quote.

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