Premium Paint Products Create Beautiful Finishes

Posted on March 28, 2022

CertaPro Painters® of NE San Antonio, TX uses only the best house paint products from the most reputable manufacturers, such as Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore, as well as specialty products to meet specific challenges. But it isn’t just about the quality of the house paint – all the paints from these vendors are very good. Rather, it is about picking the appropriate paint product for your particular situation because paint technology has gotten very specialized in the last few years.

The combination of our years of experience and close ties with our manufacturer representatives means we are always up-to-date on the latest house paint innovations. Here is just a brief overview:


Different primer formulations exist from all the major vendors to address specific applications – wood primers are different from stucco/masonry primers, which are both different from metal primers. Then there are specialty primers for sealing in stains or for providing maximum adhesion or for waterproofing stucco/masonry walls with a history of water problems. It sounds complicated, but we have the know-how and experience to select just the right ones for your project.


While oil paint has its specific uses, today’s most purchased house paints are almost all latex-based products, the best of which use 100% acrylic resin. The differences come in the formulations that determine how these house paints perform is specific environments.

Some of these paint products dry very tight, which is very good for new construction, but not so good for a home with lots of layers of older paint. Some are highly elastic, which is good on wood when it expands and contracts with the weather, but it doesn’t do anything for stucco/masonry surfaces. Some paints are even designed to perform well in very high moisture environments. And some perform well in areas with high temperature extremes. Yet again, we handle selecting the right ones for your particular project and explain why the selected house paint system is right for you. And most vendors have lines of premium no- and low-VOC paints. These newer house paints don’t contain the chemicals that older paints contained which were damaging to the environment and often smelled awful. At first these specialty paints didn’t perform as well as older formulations, but the technology has caught up and you can have the best of both worlds – durable, beautiful finishes that are eco- and bio-friendly!


Semi-transparent house stains provide a layer of color to wood but allow the grain to show through, while semi-solid stains are more opaque and solid stains are totally opaque. To complicate it further, deck stains are different from stains used on house siding. Due to how stains soak into wood rather than creating a barrier on top of it (as paints do), stains can be tricky to work with unless the applicator has experience, experience CertaPro Painters has in spades

Caulks & Sealants

As with primers and house paints, caulks and sealants are specialized. General purpose latex caulk is appropriate for many situations, but the siliconized and urethane-based products solve many specific problems you may have with your home. Our crews are expert at knowing which to use and when, so sealing out drafts, water, and bugs will leave you warm, dry, and happy.

Whoever you choose for your painting project, make sure not to skimp on paint products. Paint will usually represent less than 10% of the project price, so spending a few dollars more to ensure the highest quality materials are used is a small price to pay to ensure beautiful results.

Ready To Paint?

Even if you don’t know what colors you should choose for your home, we can help. We have color consultants who will come to your home with color swatches to help you decide on the perfect color. Most of our customers end up selecting a color they absolutely love not only after the paint project is complete, but for years afterwards.

Remodeling your home is a lot of work. Take the stress out of it with our help. Give us a call at 210-490-0460 for more information on how we can make your home look brand new again.