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Stucco Painting & Repair in Mount Laurel, NJ

Are you looking for stucco painting and repair in Mount Laurel, New Jersey? You’re in luck! At CertaPro Painters® of Mount Laurel, NJ, our team specializes in stucco painting and repair for residential and commercial buildings in South Jersey. Everything we do is tailored to your needs as there’s no one size fits all approach. We’ll work with you to devise a plan for your project, and we’ll do our best to accommodate it within your budget.

Stucco Repair

As your home shifts over time and seasonal weather patterns affect your home’s exterior, cracks can begin to appear in your stucco. Cracking in stucco can also result from improper lath fitting and a poor mixture of stucco. Fortunately for you, our expert team at CertaPro Painters® of Mount Laurel, NJ, is excellent at assessing the cracks in your stucco and determining the best course of action for repairing them.

Stucco being replaced


A simple repair won't suffice when stucco is heavily harmed by untreated water damage and mold. In these situations, we appraise the flaws and ultimately replace the stucco.

Primer being applied to stucco exterior


We apply primer to stucco because it coats the sites of your repairs while leaving a fresh and even finish. Additionally, primer helps prevent the stucco from absorbing moisture from the coating.

Home with Stucco Exterior

Stucco Painting

Painting your stucco improves its visual appearance and helps protect it against the elements, weather, pollution, and mold. Plus, it can preserve your stucco by helping prevent cracking and crumbling.

The CertaPro Painters® Stucco Repair Process

Why Choose Professional Exterior Stucco Painters?

Our team of professional stucco painters at CertaPro Painters® of Mount Laurel, NJ, has a track record of exceptional execution. We use the newest technology for stucco painting and repairs and work with you to devise a plan that best suits your needs. Between our years of experience in stucco painting and customer satisfaction, we’ll leave you with a beautifully completed project and peace of mind.

Stucco Painter
The CertaPro Painters® Stucco Painting Process

Stucco Painting FAQs

How often should you paint a stucco house?

We recommend that your stucco is painted every five to ten years. This timeframe is contingent on how the stucco stands up to outside factors like the weather and other environmental elements. To help prevent damage and cracks from forming, make sure you keep with your exterior stucco’s maintenance.

What’s the prep work before applying stucco paint?

  1. Clean the stucco surface with either a brush or power washing equipment.
  2. Patch the imperfections with caulking or stucco repair products.
  3. Tape off the trim lines and begin painting.

Can CertaPro Painters® repair cracked or damaged stucco?

Yes, we can, especially for minor stucco damage. In the case of minor stucco damage, we can repair it as part of a painting project. However, if the damage is more severe, we may bring in a stucco repair specialist.

What are the most popular exterior paint colors for stucco homes?

In our experience, the most common color for stucco exteriors in Mount Laurel, NJ, are:

  • White
  • Grey
  • Beige
  • Tan
  • Blue

The best type of paint for stucco painting projects is acrylic paint latex products.

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