14 June 2022

Popular Colors for Stained and Painted Brick in Milwaukee, WI

Painting the exterior of your brick home is an excellent way to add additional character and charm to your property. Here at CertaPro Painters® of Milwaukee, we can upgrade your brick home with a new paint color. Instead of having dated orange or red brick, our local painters can revitalize your home exterior. Below areRead the full article

16 March 2022

Now is the best time to book spring & summer painting projects!

If you need painting done this year, book now before our production schedules fill The spring is often our busiest season for painting in Wisconsin, each year in March and April our schedules begin to quickly fill. If you are considering having a painting project done on your home this year, now is a goodRead the full article

30 November 2021

Should You Hire A Painter? What to know

Painting your house is a big job, inside or out. This is one project that is sure to invade your personal space, no way around it. Keep your walls and exterior looking good by bringing in a professional painting crew, but do your research before hiring. Here is how to hire a painter and whatRead the full article

16 September 2021

Top Interior House Paint Colors for Milwaukee

This year has seen a few new trends in paint color selection in the Milwaukee market. With the upcoming fall and winter season, much of our work is going to shift to focusing on interior projects, we thought it would be a good time to cover some popular color choices for interiors. Our pros areRead the full article

27 August 2021

6 Paint Color Options For Modern Bedrooms

Sometimes its time for a refresh of bedroom walls within your home. Choosing a paint color can often seem like the hardest part of the project. We put together this guide on popular selling colors for bedrooms in the Milwaukee area for 2021 – 2022. 1. Blue Blue is a perennial favorite for bedrooms becauseRead the full article

29 July 2021

What Should a Painting Estimate Include?

The first step to hiring a professional painting crew for your house is to get a few estimates to get an idea for pricing. The estimate is the first interaction you have with the painting company, and how the estimate is conducted can be a sign for what to expect from the company providing theRead the full article

15 July 2021

Summer Home Maintenance For Milwaukee Homes

Taking some time to work on exterior house maintenance is a rewarding and satisfying way to keep your home in tip top shape. It can be a good idea to keep a maintenance schedule. For homes in our service area of Milwaukee, WI, twice a year is generally a good time frame for most upkeep.Read the full article

25 June 2021

How long will an exterior paint job last?

Exterior Paint Duration There really is no facelift as affordable and efficient as appreciating the value as well as the beauty of your home via a fresh paint job. Until deterioration, the layering of new paint encases your home in a shield of protection from the elements. There are many variables, but most exterior paintingRead the full article

17 June 2021

Home Improvement Projects to Increase Home Value

Easy Home Improvement Ideas to Increase the Value of Your Home Paint One of the easiest and most effective ways to increase the value of your home is to paint. The return on investment with a simple paint job is worth every penny. A fresh paint job is one of the first thing buyers noticeRead the full article

28 May 2021

Wood Deck Maintenance Tips

Summer is here and its a great time of year for outdoor entertaining and activities. Decks and patios with wood features are a common feature on homes in the Milwaukee area and we have been helping homeowners If you are lucky enough to have a deck to enhance your outdoor space, hosting barbecues and afterRead the full article