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Renovating Your Log Home

Log home living is something that many in our local Maine communities enjoy. There is nothing quite as serene as enjoying the fresh air while relaxing on your cabin’s porch, patio, or other outdoor space. While log cabin living is enjoyable, it can come with its own unique set of routine maintenance requirements.

Log Cabin Staining

Staining is one of the most important services to invest in when it comes to your log home. A faded or worn stain will not be able to protect your home as well as one that offers full coverage. Stain creates a protective barrier for the outside of your home. It can protect your wood from moisture damage, mold, harmful bacteria, and other environmental elements. If your log home could use a fresh coat of stain, CertaPro Painters® of Maine have got you covered. We have experience with staining multiple types and styles of log cabin homes. Our painting contractors understand the staining process, and know how to prepare your cabin for any painting or staining project.


Log Cabin Home Staining Inspiration

Traditional Log Home Exterior

Traditional Log Home Exterior

Our painters can refresh any style of cabin.

Cabin in the Woods

Cabin in the Woods

Check out this stunning cabin.

Cabin with Character

Cabin with Character

This cabin has tons of exterior character.

Light Cabin Stain

Light Cabin Stain

A light stain can look wonderful on many log homes.

Large Log Home Exterior

Large Log Home Exterior

We can take on any size of staining project.

Cabin Deck Staining

Cabin Deck Staining

Our painters can even upgrade your log homes deck.

Frequently Asked Questions About Log Home Staining

Types of Stain?

There are multiple varieties of staining products on today’s market. A few of the most common are deep penetrating stains, shallow penetrating stains and surface stains. Deep penetrating stains have a natural non-glossy appearance and will protect your home from water damage and insect infestations. A shallow penetrating stain is usually oil-based. It will often be glossy in appearance. Surface stains create a protective film over wood surfaces. You can learn more about different types of stains in our log home staining brochure.

How often will my log home need to be stained?

If a staining job has been completed effectively, it should last between 3-7 years before needing another staining service. Lots of direct sunlight, rain, hail, or snow, can accelerate the rate at which staining applications should be done. This is why it is essential to work with experienced professionals, like our local Maine CertaPro team.

What are the benefits of a staining service?

A log home staining service will not only boost your curb appeal, but it will protect your home from multiple outdoor elements. Stains will soak into the wood and allow the ability for moisture to escape the log, while still protecting from the elements on the outside of the home.

How is staining different from painting?

While a painting service is great for covering the top layer of wood, stains can be absorbed into your log home’s surface. Paint will completely seal the exterior log surfaces and leave nowhere for water vapor to go as it slowly makes its way out of the log. After a few years, wood rot is likely. While it is technically possible to paint the exterior of a log home, and if you really insist it can be done, but it would not be recommended. Additionally, paint covers up the ability to do a visual inspection of the logs, so if rot or damage does start to happen, you may completely miss it until it becomes severe.

What is the log home staining process like?

The process for staining a home is overall, fairly simple. However, depending on the architecture and product selection there may be some unique challenges with accessing all the wood surfaces for prepping and staining. Here in Maine, two story homes with some hard-to-reach places are not uncommon. Take great care if you decide to DIY a staining project like this and seriously consider hiring a team of professionals.

1. Clean the exterior – Remove all dirt, bugs, debris that would otherwise interfere with the staining process, a hose or power washer are good methods of doing this.

2. Let the water from cleaning dry out and start the staining process. Use a moisture meter to ensure the surface is dry enough to stain. Some topcoats require full removal of the existing stain. There are numerous ways to apply stain, but a sprayer and a brush are an efficient combo of tools. Spray on the stain, brush it into the wood. Work your way all the way around the house doing this process. Be generous with the stain application, don’t skimp!

3. Make sure at least 30 min have passed and start the process over again for a 2nd coat of stain.

What color of stain will look best on my home?

The options are almost limitless when it comes to finding a stain color for your log home. Our painters can provide you with a color consultation to assist with the initial color selection process. Both light and dark wood stains will look absolutely stunning on the exterior of your residence. Fill out our online form to request a free estimate on your next staining service today.