Pros And Cons Of Concrete Staining

Concrete is no longer a forgotten basement or garage floor. Oil stains and divots are common place for a concrete floor. However, with more homeowners taking the leap and finishing out their garages and basements to man caves or rec rooms, the floors are on their minds. Before you start, here are the pros and cons of concrete staining.

Concrete Floor Paint

Utilizing a specialty paint made for concrete floors is a fast way to add color and finish to the concrete. Try a one-part epoxy concrete floor paint as an easy to apply and wallet friendly way to fix the floors. If you’re painting a garage, keep in mind this option could need touching up as often as every year compliments of repeated tire tracks.

There is an option that puts a 100% epoxy paint down on your floors but it comes with more work time and more costs. With that, you will get a more resistant floor when it comes to harsh conditions. A floor of this type, depending on the prep and application, could last for a very long time.

Concrete Staining

A concrete floor can be stained the same as a wooden floor can. This process is when a chemical pigment reacts with the concrete and leaves color behind on the floor. The application process requires sanding and sealing. Once it’s completed, the floor is virtually maintenance free with a high gloss finish. It works best on slabs that are not damaged and in fairly good condition. Staining is not the cheapest option for a concrete floor, but it will give lasting effects.


Even with the options available to make concrete more attractive in a room, there are still drawbacks. If kids are playing and fall, it hurts. If you drop something, it breaks. More importantly, concrete is cold and will not give. None of the beautification will matter if the floor does not serve your needs. Take this into consideration before you start your project. There is no sense beginning a costly or time consuming project that will be a disappointed in the end.


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