Completed on time.

Werner Estate . | Sudbury, MA
November 19, 2023

Prompt, accurate, tidy and pleasant . Excellent work

Anne F. | Concord, MA
October 7, 2023

Excellent work, amiable painters, great clean-up.

Jeffrey G. | Concord, MA
July 27, 2023

The man who did most of the work was the best...he knew how and when to do the next step and he gave me advice-like when i could use the laundry or walk on the floor again-he also added a fine addition to the entrance of the bulkhead. His name was...Man....i forgot.

Jerry H. | Concord, MA
July 1, 2023

Ken's attention to detail and explaining what was needed.

Mark G. | Acton, MA
June 7, 2023

The estimator was thorough and professional.

James/Sharon S. | Belmont, MA
June 7, 2023

Good work
Pleasant collaborative workers

Anne F. | Concord, MA
June 6, 2023

Certapro was detail oriented, the team was hard working, professional and extremely efficient not to mention kind. Questions and concerns were addressed immediately. I would recommend this company to anyone. We had a lot of carpentry work needed and that was also done well. Excellent customer service, quality painting and overall experience was extremely favorable. Lots of respect for plants, stone and property. Clean up job daily was meticulous. This team is top notch.

Jill Y. | Concord, MA
June 6, 2023

Always the best rates, the best work, the best warranty.

Jerry H. | Concord, MA
May 3, 2023

Efficient and honest

Judith P. | North Chelmsford, MA
May 1, 2023