Steven LamOwner

Phone: 978-273-9653

Steven Lam is an expert in both optimization and problem solving, having filed 3 patents in neuroscience and cofounded a commodity firm with $250 million in revenue. He has recently retired from his first two careers and brings a unique blend of neuroscience and analytic knowledge to his third career in painting.

A well executed painting project has a much deeper impact than increasing home value and protecting from natural elements, it has the power to alter your family dynamic and career path. His approach is very similar to the “airport wayfinding method” where every detail and step should serve a greater purpose of providing the best customer experience at the most competitive price.

Here are some of the behind the scene details to enhance customer experience:
– Matching each home improvement project to the right crew
– Keeping track of humidity level to find the most optimized time for second coat
– Using Color Match Technology to optimize number of coats required on color change
– Providing daily progress updates
– Offering various of payment options

Steven is married with boy and girl twins, both are currently in 7th grade. His son is an ice hockey goalie playing for Top Gun Elite, hoping to play for Vancouver Canucks and become an investment banker after his hockey career. His daughter is a dedicated ballerina, hoping to become principal dancer for Boston Ballet and M&A lawyer after her ballet career.