Add Pops of Color Into Your Home

Color is a universal language and it has more power over our emotions than most people realize. Simply seeing a color can provoke many different emotions within us. We all have our preferences when it comes to adding vibrant color into our homes, but here at CertaPro Painters® of KC Northland, we say go for it! We love seeing home owners express their creativity throughout their homes. Keep on reading for some ideas on how add pops of color into your home!

1. Add a pattern or bright colored paint to the back of your bookshelves. Being able to see the color peek through the books and other items on your bookcase is a subtle but stylish way to add color into your home.
2. Paint the back of your closet. Paint it a color you love, and it will inspire you and brighten your day each morning when you pick out your outfit. The quick glances of the color will be just the right amount.
3. Paint the inside of your drawers. This one will probably be just for you to appreciate but it is a great way to brighten your mood and will inspire you to keep your drawers tidy.
4. Exposed ducts? Turn them into an excellent chic feature in your home by painting them a bright, bold color.
5. Paint the trim. Typically, people go with a white trim. However, painting it a bright fun color adds style and aesthetic into any room.
6. Paint the ceiling. This can give a very dramatic look while not being too overwhelming.
7. Paint the edges of your doors or the entire door. Painting your front door or any door in your house a bright color is a great way to incorporate some vibrancy throughout the house.
8. Paint or add wallpaper to the inside of your medicine cabinet. It’s a fun way to make a boring space interesting.

If you want help following through on any of these ideas, or just want a quote, call us today! You can also schedule an estimate online. We do both interior and exterior painting as well a variety of other painting services. We look forward to talking to you soon!