15 September 2021

Painting Brick Homes in Indianapolis

Painted Brick: A Popular Trend in Indianapolis Brick exterior homes are very common in our service area of Indianapolis, areas like Carmel have many neighborhoods where nearly all of the homes feature natural brick exteriors. In the past 5-10 years it has been increasingly popular and common for customers to hire us to paint theRead the full article

21 July 2021

Barn Painting Services In Indianapolis

Professional Painting for Barns in the Greater Indianapolis Area Barns and large outbuildings are fairly common in the outskirts of the Indianapolis Metro area. We have been helping with maintenance projects for customers in the area for many years. Over time, painted exteriors on barns will wear to water, sun, and regular wear and tear.Read the full article

04 June 2021

What does it cost to epoxy a garage floor?

  What does it cost for a garage floor coating in Indianapolis? There are multiple different types of garage floor coating systems. The term most are familiar with are Epoxy floors. Epoxy floor are time tested and very durable and typically can be installed in 2-4 days depending on the system (at CertaPro our systemRead the full article

19 May 2021

Painting Services for Sheds & Outbuildings in Indianapolis

In the spring and summer seasons each year its common for homeowner in Indianapolis to build a shed on the property to added extra storage space. Sheds come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but most need to have painting done as the last step in the installation process. Paint on the exterior ofRead the full article

How Long Does Paint Last?

Ordering paint for a home job usually means planning some extra for knicks and dings that happen to your walls with life. Gallons of paint can be stacked up in the garage or shed for longer than you’d like to acknowledge. You could be storing paint that isn’t good anymore. How do you know ifRead the full article

21 April 2021

The Best Paint Colors for Your Front Door

Have you been racking your brain for the perfect way to upgrade the exterior of your home? One place that most people forget to refresh with a fresh coat of paint is their front door. The entrance of your home should not be left without routine painting maintenance, as it is what greets your guestsRead the full article

28 January 2021

Garage: The Last Frontier

We have all set around and watched HGTV and gotten great ideas on how to spruce up the kitchen, living room, our master bedrooms, and all other living areas in the home, but these great ideas always leave out one of the most versatile areas of our home, the garage. 2020 has brought a uniqueRead the full article

27 January 2021

Choosing Paint Colors for Small Rooms

Choosing colors is often one of the most difficult decisions to make when painting the interior of your home. Small rooms get even more color consideration, with the right color the room can appear bigger than it is. Color trends come and go, but some colors have stood the test of time If you areRead the full article

17 November 2020

Low VOC vs. Odorless Paint

Choosing a paint product can be a daunting task for homeowners not familiar with the wide variety of options available in the paint store. It’s often not even a consideration when purchasing what the smell will be like, or if the paint has and fumes that we should be concerned about. Most paints are safeRead the full article

12 October 2020

HOA & Condo Budgeting for Painting & Maintenance Projects

As a Property Manager or community board member, you have been tasked with managing a tight budget leading to the overall and long-term financial health of the communities which you represent. With all that goes into managing a community, budgeting can be a very broad and overwhelming topic. While painting may not immediately jump offRead the full article