Can You Paint Siding?

Recent updates to homes have taught us that you can paint nearly every substrate. Wood, stucco, even brick can be successfully updated with new colors through painting and staining. The one substrate that seems to trip everyone up is siding. Our experts are here to answer the question: can you paint siding?

The short answer: Yes, but it must be done right. Learn more about the CertaPro Painters approach to painting siding.

Working with siding, whether vinyl or aluminum takes a special skill set. Discolored and faded siding was once scrapped and the homeowner was forced to start over with a new set of siding. This was a pricey endeavor. With new paint technologies, painting siding is a good alternative and can create great outcomes. To get these permanent changes, everything must be taken into consideration including make up of the siding, original color, new color and more.

Damaged Siding

For pieces of siding that are damaged, you will need to replace the pieces. Discoloration is not an issue when it comes to painting. Before you consider painting for your siding, do a once over looking for areas where there are holes, dents or punch throughs to replace.

Aluminum Siding

For aluminum siding, plan to use a metal primer before starting any color choices. It’s an added expense but a necessary one for longevity of the paint job. For drastic color changes, a lightly tinted or white base might be in order. Most common home colors can be painted over without worry about tinting primers.

The sheen you choose is almost as important as the color. Most homes with aluminum siding are painted in a flat or matte finish. This gives the home a very velvety finish for a modern appearance while looking fresh and clean. The finish will also hide some painting issues or bad brushwork.

The drawback to matte colors is that they can be hard to clean. The texture on the surface tends to hold onto dirt and stains more than others. Tough scrubbing or spraying dirt can ruin the surface and create an uneven finish.

If you are concerned about this finish, opting for satin or eggshell finish will make your home more durable. The finish will look a bit shinier while allowing you the ability to clean it. It also resists stains and will allow dirt to whisk away easier.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding was more problematic to paint in the past. Creating a tooth for the paint to adhere to was an issue. The paint, if it adhered at all, would crack and flake as the siding expanded or contracted with weather fluctuations. New paints have made this problem obsolete and painting vinyl siding is now the norm. So can you paint siding? Yes!

Vinyl siding comes painted so unless the surface is pitted or the original color has faded to the point of pitting, primer shouldn’t be necessary. Choose your colors close to the color on the siding now, otherwise, priming could be important. For these drastic changes in color, opting for a professional crew is in your best interest.

Steer clear of colors that are significantly darker than the current color of the siding. Doing this can cause the vinyl to absorb too much heat and can result in warping, a costly mistake. Limiting your color options will save you replacing the siding later.

As with aluminum, vinyl siding can be painted in different finishes. Satin finishes tend to offer the best combination of matte and high gloss options. While it will have some shine to it in sunlight, it will protect the paint when you clean it without damaging the finish.

Call in the Pros

Exterior painting is a large job no matter the substrate you are working on. Aluminum and vinyl siding increase the complexity of the project. Learn about our siding painting services. Our teams create beautiful finishes on both types of sidings. Schedule a free, no-obligation estimate appointment to discuss your needs today.