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CertaPro Painters® of Harrisburg, PA for Professional Vinyl and Aluminum Siding Painting

Did you know aluminum and vinyl siding can be painted to update the color and prolong its life on your home? Extending the life of your siding can save you time and cost even if temporarily. While it’s not a complete replacement of the siding, it is not a task that most homeowners are comfortable taking on. Bringing in a professional like those at CertaPro Painters® of Harrisburg, PA allows your home to look great while protecting it for years to come.

To create a beautiful finish on your siding, proper preparation and coatings are important. Learn more about painting siding. CertaPro Painters always follows the proper steps to applying a new coat of paint including:

pressure wash siding

1 Power Wash

To complete a successful siding painting, washing the vinyl or aluminum is the first step. This clears away dirt, mold or debris, leaving a pristine area to paint. When working with aluminum, residual chalkiness, is normal.

Exterior Painting Services

2 Prep

The CertaPro Painting team takes care covering your items and taping off areas for painting. This avoids overspray on the ground or surrounding areas.

paint siding

3 Paint

After preparation is complete, our crew applies premium paint to the exterior for a uniform finish.

vinyl and aluminum siding paint contractors

4 Clean

At the completion of daily work, the team will clean up the area and put away tools. Once the job is completed, a thorough cleaning ensures paint chips and materials are stored away for you.

Aluminum siding painting

5 Inspect

Before our crew leaves, you will be invited to do a walk through of the area. This ensures you are happy with your completed work.

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Let us do the work while you enjoy time doing what makes you happy. Our team will protect your exterior with a new coating while you do life.

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Trust the Experts at CertaPro Painters® of Harrisburg, PA to Paint your Home’s Siding

Working with experts like our team at CertaPro Painters allows you to choose a great color scheme that will work with your home’s exterior. Picking colors to paint siding is much more than an appealing option. When you are painting siding, aluminum or vinyl, you need to choose a color that is of a similar depth to avoid early degradation. For houses that are deep navy, opt for a burgundy or green. Lighter colors are no different. By including CertaPro Painters of Harrisburg in your planning, you’ll have an expert to assist with these options.


Here are some of the local projects we have completed on siding in our area. Click the image for a larger version.

Siding Painting

Siding Painting

This condo was painted to enhance the red in the brick by adding it to the shutters.

Residential Painting Project

Residential Painting Project

We painted this residence in classic white to prolong the life of the siding while keeping it looking great.

Red shutters

Red shutters

Pairing bright color shutters with white siding allows a homeowner to show personal style without committing to a large scale vivid painting project.

House Painting Project

House Painting Project

Using neutral colors is common with brighter or deeper shutters and trim, such as this home we painted.