Inspiring Winter Paint Colors

Winter time draws color from everything outside. We’ve moved into a land of monochromatic greys. Ice, snow, and empty branches give the outside a bleak look. Don’t let that bring down your mood. Update your interior with these inspiring winter paint colors.

Wintry Whites

You cannot think winter without thinking about snow, ice and well, white. Picking the right white can be very tricky. You’ll want it to be crisp and clean without being stark and barren. White has a bad reputation of being boring, but the right undertones can make it feel modern. A plain color allows your furniture and artwork and style to stand out against it. Try whites like Benjamin Moore’s Super White or Cloud White, or Sherwin William’s Dover White or Alabaster.

Blustery Blues

Blues can feel chilly or relaxing, depending on the particular shade you pick. These colors are experiencing a comeback after years of falling out of favor. From bright royal to barely there baby blue, the options can be endless. Our pros suggest trying a soft, wintry feeling color like Benjamin Moore’s Palladian Blue HC-144. Looking for brighter? Try jewel-tone Avalon Teal CSP-645.

Roaring Reds

Bring the warmth of a fireplace into the room with the color on the walls. Avoid fiery red and go with a deeper color to get warmth and coziness from the hue. The dismal colors outside are no match for these shades. Try Benjamin Moore’s Chili Pepper 2004-20 or Pomegranate AF-295 to warm your room on even the coldest of days.

Gorgeous Greens

Greenery warms any chilly room. Use the color on your walls to experience this year round. Take a nod from holly, garlands and evergreens with a warm and welcoming color. Green brings in a natural, summery feel making it a natural choice for the room. The color is calming and encourages conversation from the walls. Try a deep green like Sherwin William’s Basil 6194. Not so brave, use the less vivid Cascade Green 0066.

Great Grays

Just because grey has taken over outside doesn’t mean it isn’t a good choice for your interior paint. The newest member of the neutral family is an easy to work with color that is sophisticated but easy to work with. Choose a variation of the color that will warm your home but remain stylish. Our pros recommend Sherwin William’s Light French Gray 0055 or Benjamin Moore’s Tranquility AF-490.

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