A Great Painting Project Can Cure the Winter Blues

We are nearing the end of the Winter season. Spring will be here soon. During these last frigid days of winter, you may find yourself feeling a bit of seasonal boredom. While we all look forward to Summer and all our fun outside activities, the winter months can really seem to drag on. This is especially true because we all have been homebound on and off for the past 18 months due to the Pandemic. But CertaPro can help you create a painting project to cure those winter blues.

What Can Help with Winter Blues? More Hues!

Shorter daylight hours can leave you out of sorts, and a fresh new color in your room can really brighten your mood. Winter is time to hibernate and you’re already stuck inside. Shorter daylight hours can leave one out of sorts, and a fresh new color can change your mood. So why not work on a project that can make you feel fresh every morning, and cozy in the evening?

CertaPro is ready and waiting to help you with any painting project you need. We are happy to help brighten your days during any season you choose.

Speaking of bright colors and hues, CertaPro has some great Winter color options that look great no matter where you use them.

Winter Whites

While we may not see a lot of snow in Texas, it is always nice to pull in the colors of the winter season. When you choose a classy shade of white like Sherwin-Williams’ Modern White you can really brighten up any space.

When it comes to decorating a white room for the cooler months, you can add other seasonal elements such as a frosted winter floral arrangement, nature canvases, and rich colors to complete the overall look.

Going Gray

Another color that really goes with the feel of winter is gray. Try using a blue tinted shade like Sherwin-Williams krypton. This color will add tranquility to an otherwise dreary room. While it is great for winter, it can complement any living space year round as well.

Berry Hues

To make a cold room feel warm and cozy try adding pops of berry. Some stunning colors from CertaPro include Sherwin-WIlliams concerto and dressy rose. These would look great as an accent wall in a home office or even in a little girls room. For an even darker berry color you could choose our berry bush color, also by Sherwin-Williams.

Unique Blues

If you are looking to bring in the colors of nature you could go with shades of blue and green. When you are stuck inside on a cold winter day you can feel refreshed in your updated living spaces. Some of our blue picks for residential painting would be Sherwin-Williams underseas and sleepy blue. The first option is a custom blue green tinted color and the second is the perfect winter blue. Each of these options are sure to make your home decor pop.

Start Updating Your Home With A Professional Painting Service

Now that you know a few of your winter color options, it’s time to do a little design research. Our Fort Bend Central Certapro team can help you start with your initial design and stay with you through your entire painting project.

Ready to start your project today? Give CertaPro painters of Fort Bend Central a call today to schedule your estimate.