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How much will it cost to paint my home’s interior in the Toronto area?

A room-by-room guide from CertaPro Painters of Etobicoke:

Many people want to understand our pricing to help them budget their project, so we’ve put together this room-by-room guide to help. Please understand that the prices noted here are averages, and a number of things can impact the price, bringing your interior painting costs up or down from the below figures.

In general, the following will most significantly impact the cost of your project:

1. The number of surfaces to be painted. For example, will our interior painters be painting your windows and/or window frames? Doors and/or door frames? Trim, such as baseboards and crown moulding? Details such as a mantle, or stair railing and spindles?
2. Wall height is a factor, as painting an 8’ high ceiling is much less time consuming than painting a 16’ high foyer ceiling, for example.
3. The condition of the surfaces makes a difference in terms of preparation cost. If there are numerous dings, scratches, or holes in the surfaces, we will need to add more labour time to fill and sand them smooth prior to painting. More involved repairs, such as localized drywall repair, will take additional time. And in some cases (such as painting over oil-based paint, or grease / smoke stains), a primer coat may be required prior to painting, adding labour and material costs.
4. Significant changes in colour (from light to dark, or vice versa) can require primer and/or additional paint coats to effectively cover over the existing colour. In general, we quote projects with two coats of paint if the new colour is the same or similar to that which is currently on the surface.

Assumptions which accompany these prices:

Two coats of paint on all surfaces, which gives wall paint its best finish and truest colour representation, and trim paint a very smooth, consistent appearance. You might choose to apply a single coat of paint to some surfaces (such as a ceiling in good condition, or smooth and unmarked trim) to save some cost.

A standard level of preparation for all surfaces, which includes filling nail holes and minor imperfections, and then scuff-sanding as required to smooth surfaces and promote coating adhesion.

Application of good quality, top value paints such as Sherwin-Williams’ best-selling SuperPaint. We offer a full range of paints from Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin Moore and Dulux, including those with premium or specialized properties, where desired or required. The specifics of your situation can be discussed during the estimate appointment.

Key Information

For further details on your painting project, please refer to our Key Information below.

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Powder Room 5’ x 5’


Door and Door Frameper set$170

Powder Room Painting Pricing Guide

Bathroom 5’ x 8’


Door and Door Frameper set$170
Window and Window Frameper set$110

Bathroom Painters in The Kingsway

Standard Bedroom 11’ X 12’


Closet (small)$90
Door and Door Frameper set$170
Window and Window Frameper set$110

Bedroom Painting Pricing Guide

Master Bedroom 14’ X 16’


Closet (large)$130
Door and Door Frameper set$170
Window and Window Frameper set$110

Master Bedroom Painting Pricing Guide

Kitchen With Dining Area 16’ x 18’


Door and Door Frameper set$170
Window and Window Frameper set$110

Kitchen Painting Pricing Guide

Family Room 18’ x 22’


Crown Moulding $220
Door and Door Frameper set$170
Window and Window Frameper set$110
Living Room Painting Pricing Guide

All wall surfaces are based on 8’ high ceilings. If you have:
10’ high ceilings, add 25%
12’ high ceilings, add 50%
15’+ high ceilings, add 75%
Complexity of item design may impact the prices shown. For example, multi-pane windows and doors
will take more time to prepare and paint than simpler styles.
Prices shown exclude HST.