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CUSTOMER SERVICE COMMITMENT: The goal for this job is to provide the best customer experience possible. This is accomplished by being friendly and courteous, by making the customer feel part of the process with daily updates and excellent communication, by doing things right the first time, and by respecting your property and home. We recognize that we are guests at your home and will conduct ourselves accordingly. We rely heavily on repeat and referral business and with this in mind, we would appreciate it if you took the time to answer our Customer Service survey at the completion of your project, and tell your friends, neighbours and business colleagues about us!

OUR CERTAINTY SERVICE SYSTEM: To ensure that the project meets your expectations, your Job Site Supervisor (JSS) will:

  • Meet with you at the beginning of the project to ensure all information is accurate and up-to-date.
  • Communicate with you daily to inform you of what has been completed, and what will be done next.
  • Upon completion, ask that you do a walk-through inspection with them, to ensure that you are satisfied with the final result.

WARRANTY: CertaPro Painters will provide a limited two-year painting warranty. For details, please refer to the warranty section included in this proposal.

SCHEDULING: To schedule your project, please either sign and scan a copy of this proposal to our office at [email protected] or send us your e-mail approval. Our office will contact you directly to discuss potential start dates. If you have any special considerations or deadlines that you need us to assist you with, please let us know and we will make the appropriate accommodations. To be fair to all our customers, projects are generally scheduled in the order in which they are booked, as defined by the receipt of an approved contact. Customers are asked to provide final colours and sheens at least 5 days before the project begins, in order to avoid potential project delays.

HST: All optional prices shown do not include HST.

PAYMENT METHODS AND TERMS: We accept cheques, e-mail transfers ([email protected]), Visa, and MasterCard. Please note that a 2.5% charge will be applied to all credit card payments to cover processing fees. A deposit of 20% may be requested to cover material costs, which is due by the start of the project, with the balance (payment in full) due upon completion of the project.

CHANGE ORDERS: Any changes to the scope of work detailed above or to the colour or sheen level of the paint to be used will require the customer to sign-off on a change order form or via e-mail, and may result in additional labour and material costs.

UNFORESEEN CONDITIONS: Some conditions cannot be predicted, and therefore are not included in this proposal. Should something outside the scope of work be encountered, we will notify you and proceed only with your approval.

NAIL HOLES: If you would like a nail to remain in the same location, please leave it in its place. You will then be able to replace your picture frames once the paint dries. If you would prefer to have a nail hole filled, simply remove the nail and we will be sure to fill it prior to repainting.

PAINT SHEENS: Walls are generally assumed to be painted in a flat or matte coat of paint, with the exception of kitchens and bathrooms. If a higher sheen is chosen (e.g. low-lustre, eggshell), it is possible that imperfections in the wall may be seen. If you choose a flat paint for bathrooms, please be aware that water marks and stains may occur due to water being splashed on the walls.

ADDITIONAL PAINT COATS: This contract specifies the number of coats we have agreed to apply. While the number of coats in the estimate is typically adequate, please note that some colours may require more coats to cover. Examples may include yellows, reds, flourescents, and deep-based colours. If we discover that additional coats are needed and/or you are not satisfied with the look, with your approval we will proceed to apply the additional coats required to achieve the finished look you desire. Please note that there may be additional labour and material costs.

COLOUR MATCHING: If you are choosing to have a colour formulated to match an existing colour, we cannot ensure 100% accuracy. While colour matching can be quite accurate, it is not an exact science and human and/or mechanical error can impact the outcome. If additional coatings are necessary to ensure your satisfaction, please note there may be additional labour and material costs.

ACCENT WALLS: Our proposals assume that there are no accent walls to be painted. If you choose to add an accent wall, there will be a charge of $90 per accent wall. This covers the added costs for additional paint and the labour involved in cleaning brushes and other equipment, changing paint colours and cutting between the two colours.

AFTERCARE: Both CertaPro and the paint manufacturers recommend that you do not wash your walls for 30 days after we have completed the work. This is to allow for the paint to properly cure and take on the optimized properties assumed in the manufacturers’ warranties.

COLOUR SELECTION HELP: Do you need help with colour selection? Here are some options:
See the Sherwin-Williams Colour Visualizer at This website allows you to experiment with different colours and faux techniques in a variety of settings.
Go to myPAINTcolors from CertaPro at
Colour swatches are available from most paint companies, such as Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin Moore and Dulux.