Interior House Painting Experts: How to Incorporate 2020’s Color of the Year into your Home

If you like the color blue, you’re in luck! With blue being chosen as 2020’s color of year it is likely that you will see this being incorporated into many more design schemes. Classic blue symbolizes stability and confidence. It is a deep, dark hue that gives off an elegant vibe. It provokes feelings of peace, trust and freedom. Our local interior house painting professional show you how to incorporate this great color into your home.

Classic blue works great for design. The light reflected from blue naturally draws light and color out of even the darkest of rooms. It also isn’t too overwhelming even if you use multiple shades of blue.

Blue is already a popular color choice in homes and most people’s favorite color in general, so we are excited that it is officially the color of the year. How can you incorporate this classic blue into your home? Keep reading to find out!

Paint the Walls

Paint the wall blueOne of the most obvious ways to incorporate classic blue into your home is to paint the walls this color. You can also opt for painting just one wall classic blue to create an accent wall. White furniture and décor will contrast with the blue and look stunning in any room you choose to do this in.



Paint the Kitchen Cabinets

paint your kitchen bluePainting the kitchen cabinets classic blue will give your kitchen an elegant, unique and put-together look. You can also change out the hardware for gold, this will take it to the next level. Thinking about putting your house on the market, what a great way to increase that curb-appeal.



Get Blue Furniture

blue furnitureA blue sofa with pillows in shades of cream and lighter blues will take your living room to the next level. Add a Blue Chair – If you have a room in your home that is mostly whites and neutrals, adding a single blue armchair can make this look like a brand new room. You can pair it with a large gold rug just to make your room pop.



Time To Accessorize

blue accessoriesIf you aren’t looking to do anything too dramatic (or expensive) then opt for adding classic blue in small amounts. Vases, candles, throw blankets, rugs, picture frames, etc. You can freshen up your home for the Spring with hints of this amazing color.



Call the Pros

interior painting estimateIf the job turns out to be more than you want to take on, don’t worry, we can help. We have local interior house painting professionals who are ready to help you. Get a free in-home estimate today.