Exterior Painters In Redmond, WA Show Us Where to Check for Winter Damage

Your house has provided you a warm and safe refuge from the cold all winter. When the weather begins to break, you should give your home a thorough inspection. The ice and snow is sure to have caused a mess to the exterior of your house. Stay up on potential issues. Here’s where to check for winter damage from the professional exterior painters in Redmond, WA.

Problems arise quickly from winter weather fronts. Your best move is to find the damage now. The longer you wait, the worse it could get. These are the 7 most often damaged areas of homes:

Protect Your Roof

protect your roofNo matter what your roof is made of, winter can wreak havoc on it. Protection from shingles or tiles is only as good as the seal they provide. Chaotic winters with many freezes and thaws can risk ice dams. These are caused when the snow melts and runs to the edge of the roof and refreezes. The new ice dam holds future rain and snow, pooling on the roof. Beyond ice dams, wind, hail and storm can tear up shingles or drive water into imperfections in your roof making leak. Make sure these repairs are handled quickly. Otherwise you could be looking at more damage and repairs.If you do see the dreaded water stain on your ceiling, tarp the roof as soon as weather allows. If you find ice dams, break them down and give your entire roof a once over.

Get On Top Of Your Gutters

Exterior house painting by CertaPro painters in Bellevue, WAThe heavy ice dams can cause issues with your gutters too. Water weight can pull the gutter away from the roof-line, rendering it useless. Downspouts are particularly prone to separation problems even under the best conditions. Ice and wind can only help these problems along. If gutters are a recurring issue with each winter, consider installing heating elements made for just such an issue. Many homeowners have used a less costly version that involves installing screens over top of the gutters to prevent the blockages.


Maintain The Integrity Of Your Homes Exterior

protect your homes exteriorWater, whether frozen or melted, can cause damage. Dings in siding and peeling paint allow potential water intrusion under your paint. Do your best to have these repaired before the winter sets in. If they were not fixed, seek out the problems now and check for moisture damage. Look for wood rot or damage where the paint was opened. Your exterior paint is the first line of defense so always be on the lookout for peels, cracks and chips. If repairs are in order, scuff sand down the area to a uniform finish and prime with a quality primer. Paint the area with at least two coats of paint, allow it to dry completely between coats. This will protect your house underneath from water intrusion.

Pay Attention To Your Siding

protect your sidingRough winter weather meets its match in siding, but that doesn’t mean it’s not possible for damage to happen with the driving winds and snow. Siding is typically painted, and the same stands if there are issues with the paint. Peeling or cracks can allow water to get into the siding and sit. Water can cause rot or rust. When working with siding, shop for matches and a professional to provide the repairs. You will likely need paint and sealing in addition to the fix.



Don’t Just Drive Away From Your Driveway

homes driveway

Ice forms in driveway cracks and pushes the concrete further apart. Driving on your driveway once these cracks form, your driveway will only go downhill. Pulling your car in and out can push the pieces further apart and cause potholes to form. The good news is most contractors are very adept at fixing this. Most cracks can be repaired and filled. For really damaged driveways, you may need a new pour of concrete. Painting or sealing your driveway regularly during the better weather can prevent future cracks from freezing water in the winter.


Support The Foundation Of Your Home

Stucco RepairThe winter damage no homeowner wants to deal with is in the foundation. Hairline cracks and quickly develop into major structural issues in need of immediate and large repairs. This is one fix that you should work on now. The damage to foundations escalates very quickly. You will need a professional to come in and assess the damage and make repairs. Get several estimates from reputable companies. Be sure to watch for water pooling near your foundation and inspect it every single spring. Small cracks can sometimes be fixed to prevent the more extensive damage and costly repairs.

Tend To Your Yard

exterior yardSure, your yard probably looks rough after the beating it took this winter. Snow, winds and ice can bring down trees and leave shrubs in shambles. Now that it’s getting warmer, assess the damage and get ready to trim for spring. Winter damage will only get worse if left uncorrected. By spending some time outdoors addressing issues, you’ll be saving yourself money and heartache in the long run.



Need Some Expertise

consulting the expertsIf the job turns out to be more than you want to take on, don’t worry, we can help. We have local exterior painters in Redmond, WA who are ready to help you. Get a free in-home estimate today.