Avoid Cheap without Overpaying, Our House Painters Weigh In

If a big purchase like house painting is enough to send you over the edge, you’re not alone. Getting a low, fast estimate can be a tempting option, but beware. The work could cost you more in the long run with repairs and corrections. Here is the best way to avoid cheap without overpaying, our house painters weigh in.

Arming yourself with knowledge is a great way to go into estimate appointments and painting projects feeling confident with your decisions. Once you have scheduled several estimates, walk around your home to take not of any potential issues and imperfections. Things like mildew, wood rot or other repairs could cost additionally on your estimate. Hiding or avoiding these repairs could drive up costs since the issues are likely to get worse if left to fester.

After your appointments, make sure you get written estimates from each provider. It should include itemized labor and material costs.


It cannot be stressed enough that estimate appointments with several providers are absolutely necessary. A large purchase like exterior painting needs to be researched. Begin your searches with recommendations of friends and reviews on the internet. Once you’ve narrowed the options to a few, schedule appointments with at least 3.

Some questions you may want to have answered include the following:

What prep needs to be done? Do you do it?
Can you tell me what products you use?
How many coats do you anticipate?
Could additional costs arise during the work?


Now that you have chosen a painter you are comfortable with and have the estimate in hand, you should receive a contract. This document will include information on the job, a schedule of work, full list of what will be completed and a payment schedule. It’s important that both parties are required to sign off on this so everyone is on the same page.


When you get your estimates, it’s important you don’t get sticker shock. This price includes repairs, supplies and labor for a professionally finished product. If the price is just out of range, talk to your estimator. Potentially, you could drop the costs by putting in some elbow grease. Some companies allow owners to contribute repairs for a rebate on the cost. This may affect the warranty the company offers. By lessening the hours needed from the crew, the costs reduce as well.


While you work through the scope of your project with your estimator, it’s easy to get overzealous on your list. Adding things like trim and ceilings will drive up the costs for your work. If you’re looking at a number that’s too high, try trimming the work down a bit. Maybe the ceiling can be skipped. Remove some trim to get the costs where you are comfortable. With less work, comes less costs.


Color changes can cost you big time. Changing from one extreme to another can cost more in labor, coats and supplies. At the least, your crew will have to prime the walls causing more hours and purchasing the primer. If you keep your colors similar, you’ll still get a refreshed look while cutting down the time on site for the crew.

Knowing these tips before beginning your house painting journey can help you feel confident in your choices. An estimate appointment gives you a good idea what to expect from your painting job. Schedule a free, in-home, no obligation quote with CertaPro Painters today.