Door Painting & Staining in Knoxville, TN

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Before & after a door staining project completed by our team in Knoxville

Door Painting & Staining Services in the Greater Knoxville, TN Service Area

Front doors are a main focal point of the home from the exterior. A professional painting or door staining project can greatly enhance the curb appeal of the home and give a fresh new look the the primary entryway.

Door staining projects can involve some carpentry work for best results. We have carpenters on staff to help with wood repairs, trim replacement, and sanding and prep of surfaces prior to applying stain.

Our team will prep the door and make repairs, sand the surface of the door using several grits of sand paper to get a smooth finish. We can even help with carpentry repairs for door trim when needed.


Common Questions About Door Painting & Staining Projects

Does the door need to be removed for the project?

Not always, but sometimes we do remove the doors as part of the project. This will depend on the type of door and the sanding and prep work required. The best way to find out if your door will need to be removed is to set up an appointment with an estimator who can evaluate your home.

How long do door painting & Staining projects take?

Most door projects can be done in 1-2 days, however it depends on how many doors you want done and the scope of the work. If your door has a lot of detailed trim work that requires careful sanding, or if repairs are needed it could take longer.

Is paint or stain better for front doors?

It comes down to the type of aesthetic you want for your door. Painted surfaces tend to hold their finish longer than stained surfaces. Stained doors may require a ‘maintenance coat’ every few years.



Door Projects Completed by Our Team

Below are some door painting and staining projects completed by our team. All of these projects were local to the Knoxville, TN service area. If you need help with a door project – contact us today for a free estimate.


door staining project in knoxville