Elevate Your Home Office With Painting Services

Could your home office use a few modern upgrades? Here at CertaPro Painters® of Denver, we can make any interior room look brand new. Your office should be your go-to place for creativity, but it’s hard to feel inspired if the space doesn’t fit your personality. Below are a few of the ways our team of experienced contractors can help you elevate your home office through professional painting and light carpentry services.

Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

home officeIf your home office was a blank canvas, what color would it be? When choosing a paint color for your office, you don’t have to stick to the neutrals. Adding a fun pop of color like mint, navy, or blush can bring a dash of extra personality into your office space. In order for your office to be the most productive, it should almost feel like an extension of you. Your office should be the place where you feel confident creating and getting work tasks done.

In case you are having trouble deciding what color to have your office painted, you should know that we offer each of our clients a free color consultation service. At your color consultation appointment, a member of our local design team will show you examples of how different colors will look in your space. We only trust reputable paint brands like Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore for each of our interior painting projects. You can request a free estimate on your next painting service by filling out our online form here.

Crown Molding Installation

Have you been searching for a fun way to add extra character to your home office? Crown Molding is one way to define any interior space. There are multiple styles of crown molding on the market to choose from as well. We can even make a recommendation on what color of crown molding would look best paired with your current wall color. If you have any questions about this carpentry service, give us a call today!

Add An Accent Wall With Bold Paint Colors

One way to make a statement in your home office is by adding an accent wall. There are many colors that can look beautiful as accent walls like navy, black, and even shades of green. An accent wall can also draw your eye to any fun decor pieces in your space as well. You can learn about each of our interior painting services here.

Wallpaper Removal Services in Denver, CO

One way to make a big statement in a home office is with a fun pop of wallpaper used as an accent wall. Adding this behind your desk area or behind another piece of furniture you would like to highlight in the room, can completely elevate the style of your office. If your office has wallpaper you currently do not love, our painting contractors can remove it and then we will repair, prime, and paint the area.

These are just a few of the painting and light carpentry services that can transform your home office. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us to schedule your next interior painting service in Denver today!