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We DO painting every day, but for our customers, we understand it may be something you only do every few years.  Our goal is to make this project go as smoothly as possible and worry-free as this is an important decision for you. We are here to help you and answered any questions you may have about your painting project.

Below is a list of our most frequently asked questions for painting projects in the Denver, CO area.

Are certain colors more expensive?

It depends on the type of paint project. For example, if your house is currently a white/light color and you are switching to a charcoal grey/dark or a bright color, it may require additional coats to cover. Please discuss any color vision with your sales consultant during the estimate.

Can you help me select the appropriate colors?

We absolutely can! we can make certain recommendations based on trends we see and what other customers have done.  We can also make color samples available, and we can put you in touch with a color consultant that can offer additional assistance and consultation.

Will I receive a written quote?

Yes, CertaPro Painters will put every promise we make in writing and will be reflected in your contract before we begin the project. We strive to provide all homeowners with a detailed estimate that is emailed to you while we are at the estimate, or at minimum the same day as the estimate.

I’m ready to hire CertaPro Painters, now what?

After you have made the decision to hire CertaPro Painters, we will ask you for a signature (usually electronically via Docusign, or a digital signature directly on our laptop/tablet while we are at the estimate). If you do not have email, no problem, we will make a printed copy available. Then we can discuss scheduling a start date for your project. We usually can start within 2 weeks or sooner. If you need help with color selections, now is the time to ask. We will need color selections prior to the day we begin the project.

How long does my paint project take?

The duration of the project varies based on the complete scope of work, level of preparation, crew size assigned to the project, and weather. Your sales consultant can give you a pretty good idea when we complete the estimate. We strive to complete most projects within a 5 day or less timeframe, as we know customers prefer not to go over a weekend.

Do I need to do any landscaping before the painters arrive?

We typically discuss specifics with you during the estimate. Should there be any landscaping needed before our Certapro team arrives for a paint project, we will relay this information to you.

Do I need to be home when painters are working?

No, you do not need to be home if we are painting the exterior or the interior of the home. If we are painting inside your home, we will coordinate with you on how we can get the necessary access we need.

How will my project be managed?

Most of our paint crews consist of 2-3 painters including a Job Site Supervisor. The JSS will be onsite during your entire project and will communicate updates with you daily, be able to answer questions and make sure we are fulfilling all promises made in the contract. If you have any questions during your project, please contact any member of our team. All contact information can be found here,

Do I need to move my furniture?

We can help move furniture away from the project site if necessary, but we do ask that any breakables, pictures/mirrors on walls, books in bookcases, and clothes be removed, etc. We will not be responsible for any damage to personal belongings or furniture.

Are my floors protected?

We will cover all necessary floors prior to any painting. If you do plan to get new flooring, it is always better to paint before the new flooring is installed.

Do you need approval from my Homeowners Association before I can paint?

This depends on your HOA, but usually, the answer is yes. Please make sure you are picking an approved color scheme and get the necessary approvals. If you are unsure, we may be able to help you track down approved colors.

Will I save money if I buy the materials?

Probably not. Due to our high volume, we get major discounts with most paint manufacturers. If you want the best materials for the lowest price, let us get them for you.

Will CertaPro Painters leave me with Touchup Paint?

We will be happy to leave you with some leftover paint clearly labeled for future touchups. If you ever need to know the colors on your house, just let us know and we can look it up for you!