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Frequently Asked Questions in Dayton, OH

What types of preparation need to be done to my house?

Interior- We ask that you have all electronics and photos removed from your walls. If you have any valuables (China Cabinet, Sculptures, Art) we ask that these are moved as well.

Exterior- We ask that you remove any items off the sides of your home. Plants be cut back or tied back. If we are working on your deck, we ask that everything be cleared off. If you have a sprinkler system, please wait to use it for 48 hours after painting is completed.

What is a ‘paint system’ and which is appropriate for my project?

A paint system is the type of product we will use on your project. We offer top products from the major paint distributors. (Sherwin Williams, PPG, and Behr). Our sales team would love to discuss the many options we offer and the pricing for each.

How long should the new paint job last?

The average exterior repaint cycle in Ohio is 8-10 years. At that point in time either the paint is deteriorating (southern and western exposures will show deterioration first) and/or the paint has started to noticeably fade.

Will I save money if I buy the materials?

No. We have a commercial account with all of the paint vendors that grants us exceptional everyday pricing.

Are more expensive paints better?

Not always. Depending on the type of substrate and the condition of the substrate our recommendation may change. Our expert sales team would love to discuss your options.

How is the crew going to reach the difficult areas of my project?

Accessing difficult to reach areas is a reason to hire professionals, such as CertaPro Painters of Dayton. Our production team is equipped to decide the best approach for each project, with both safety and budget in mind.

How is interior access to my home handled?

Accessing the interior of a home is different for different people. Some prefer to meet the painters the first morning and then provide a key or garage code so that they can live their life with minimal disruption to their daily flow, while allowing the painters to come and go as they need to. Other home owners prefer to be at home for the duration of a project. We are fine with either approach – whatever makes things easiest for you!

What if I am already working with a color consultant?

You’re welcome to put your CertaPro Painters of Dayton sales associate in contact with your color consultant so they can communicate directly and make sure that we have all necessary information to bring your vision to life.

Are there extra charges if I have more colors on my house?

We include three colors in our estimate. There is an additional charge for each additional color.

Will CertaPro Painters leave me with touchup paint?

We try to estimate as close to the amount needed to complete your job. If the crew has left over paint, they will leave it for you.

A contractor comes to paint my house and his employee falls off a ladder and gets hurt. Who pays for his injuries?

Our contractors are required to carry liability insurance and workers compensation. They would be liable for any injuries.

How do I know for sure if a contractor carries worker’s compensation insurance?

We have records of all of our crew’s worker compensation.

I have reviewed the proposal and would like to proceed – what do I do next?

Please contact your sales associate by call, text or e-mail. Let them know you’d like to proceed and they will send an e-mail to you via PandaDoc that makes it very easy for you to electronically sign off on the contract.

What experience and background do the foremen and painters have?

All of our job site supervisors have experience painting before they are ever hired by CertaPro Painters of Dayton. We are a business focused on growth and practicing one of our core values: practice continuous improvement. That combination leads us to a mindset of “always be recruiting.” We are always open to talking to a new painting crew to see if they might be a good fit for our organization. We have teams that have been with us from 6 months up to 20+ years.

How do I address any concerns I may have throughout the project?

You are encouraged to speak with your job site supervisor first, as they are the supervisor on site. From the time that your project is scheduled, you will have the contact information for the production manager that is overseeing your project. You’re welcome to reach out to them at any point. Your third option is to always reconnect with the sales associate that you originally met with.

How long will the project take?

The length of a project varies on many factors. At the time you sign your contract, your sales associate should be able to give you an idea of how long it may take. Our interior projects are almost always accurately predicted +/- one day. Exterior painting is harder to predict due to the impact that weather has on our ability to work.

How is payment handled?

CertaPro Painters of Dayton is one of the only local painting businesses that does not require a deposit. You will simply pay in full once the work is complete. This philosophy is important to us as it builds trust; you know that your money is safe in your hands until the work is complete to your satisfaction.

Upon completion of the work, we do require prompt payment. We accept payment in the form of cash or checks, or via online payment options including ACH and Credit Cards.

I’m concerned about water leaks into the house. Will painting solve these issues?

Paint will not fix a water leak. Leaks can come from various places (ie: water line leak or roof leak). We advise you to get the main cause corrected and then have us out to paint any cosmetic issues.

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