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The house painting experts at CertaPro Painters® of Columbus, OH are professionally trained to replace or repair your drywall and refinish the surface with any paint, wallpaper, covering or specialty finish you desire. From small punch-through holes to hanging new drywall panels, cutting, attaching, and applying a final skim coating and sanding, CertaPro Painters is your one-stop shop for all your drywall repair needs.

CertaPro Painters® has built a professional reputation by delivering an extraordinary customer service experience. Our house painting specialists bring this same mindset to work when they perform drywall repair or removal.

Before the paint of your choice is applied to the walls and before the surface preparation is complete, CertaPro Painters can assist you with your home’s drywall repair needs to bring you the best possible finished project. We bring the same level of expertise to our work when we perform specialty contracting services like power washing.

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Below, see some of our drywall repair and painting work. Click on each image for a larger view.

Foyer in Columbus

Foyer in Columbus

Here's another such example, from a foyer we painted in Columbus. The light walls allow the stark white trim to provide the lines of structure and pathways into the home.

Interior Painting

Interior Painting

All of the trim and windows, including the tongue in groove pine ceiling, started as dark stained wood. We sanded and primed everything with a premium oil-based primer. Our team filled all the nail holes and caulked all the gaps. We even used Bondo on the knots to create a smoother trim finish.

Ohio State Painting

Ohio State Painting

Ohio State fans can really add to their boy's room or man cave with these Buckeye stripes.

Dining Room Painting

Dining Room Painting

This interior photo of a dining room in Delaware is a great example of our interior work. The rich, dark red provides the background for a nice, cozy dinner, while the white crown molding accents the room quite nicely.

Common Drywall Problems

It’s inevitable, drywall damage is all too common for many homeowners. Dings, dents and holes can quickly make your room look unkempt. These simple issues require meticulous repairs with attention to detail. If not properly taken care of, it can result in an uneven and unappealing appearance or, worse, structural damage to your walls.

If you have any of these issues below, our CertaPro Painters® house painting experts have years of experience in drywall repair, making it easy for them to deliver impeccable results quickly and efficiently.

There are many factors that can damage drywall, leaving behind holes, cracks, dents and damp patches of all sizes. Some of the most common types of damaged drywall include:


Holes are usually caused by accidental forceful impact, like a door being slammed open or someone falling into the wall. Depending on what made the impact, you could be looking at anything from a small puncture to a worrying crater.


Removing anything attached to the wall, whether it be tile, wallpaper, or even objects like mirrors, can lead to pieces of drywall coming off.

Water damage and moisture

Usually caused by leaking pipes, water damage weakens the structural integrity of the drywall and can even be a health hazard. Even if there are no visible water patches, moisture in the walls or ceilings can lead to other problems like cracks and loosened joint tape.

Popping Nails

This happens most often when a nail is not securely attached to a joint or stud and pops through the drywall.

Dented corner bead

The corner bead is a piece of metal used to join two sheets of drywall at a corner. It can become dented with impact or regular wear and tear.

Furniture Scuffs

Careless furniture handling can lead to pencil-like marks at best and holes in the drywall at worst.

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