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Columbus Homes Shine with Expert Crown Molding Painting

Elevate your home’s interior with the sophisticated touch of professionally painted crown molding. Renowned for its ability to add depth, character, and a seamless transition between your walls and ceiling, crown molding is a cornerstone of refined home decor. At CertaPro Painters® of Columbus, Ohio, we specialize in transforming ordinary spaces into breathtaking rooms through our crown molding painting services.

Why Choose Crown Molding Painting?

Crown molding is more than just an aesthetic enhancement; it’s a reflection of your home’s personality and style. While not every CertaPro Painters® location offers crown molding painting, our Columbus, Ohio team is proud to specialize in this detailed service. By reaching out to us, you’re not just updating your home; you’re investing in its elegance and allure.

Crown Molding Finished

I recently had CertaPro Painters of Columbus, Ohio, paint the crown molding in my home, and the result is absolutely stunning. Their attention to detail and professionalism exceeded my expectations, transforming my living space with elegance and style.

- Rick F | Colombus, OH

Rick F | Colombus, OH

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Crown Molding Options

Crown Molding fireplace mantle

Fireplace Mantles

Crown Molding floorboards


Crown molding ceiling feature


Crown Molding Curved Areas

Curved Areas

Crown Molding wainscoting


Crown Molding door casing

Door Casings

Wainscoting Installation Services

Elevate your home’s ambiance with the classic beauty of wainscoting, a distinctive wall embellishment that adorns the lower section of your interior walls with panels or intricate woodwork. Beyond its captivating aesthetic appeal, wainscoting serves a practical purpose, safeguarding your walls from the inevitable scuffs, dents, and wear, ensuring both durability and style. Esteemed for its versatility, wainscoting seamlessly blends with both traditional and modern decors, making it a favored design element for centuries.

At CertaPro Painters® of Columbus, Ohio, we specialize in the art of wainscoting installation, embracing meticulous planning, selecting premium materials, and executing with precision to deliver a refined and attractive enhancement to your space. Ideal for dining areas, corridors, or sleeping quarters, wainscoting not only enriches the room’s aesthetic but also elevates your home’s value, reflecting a commitment to elegance and quality craftsmanship.

Crown Molding wainscoting

Our Crown Molding Painting Process

Our commitment to excellence is evident in every stroke of our brush. Crown molding painting requires a keen eye for detail, precision, and an understanding of how to bring out the architectural beauty of your space. Whether it’s refreshing existing molding or integrating new designs, our expert team ensures a flawless finish.

Crown molding comes in an array of designs and dimensions, offering endless possibilities to enhance your home’s architecture. From classic baseboard and trim molding to intricate chair rails and picture frames, the right crown molding can dramatically elevate your home’s aesthetic. CertaPro Painters® of Columbus, Ohio, offers complimentary design consultations to guide you through the selection process, ensuring a result that perfectly complements your home’s unique style.

Tailored Solutions for Your Home

Understanding that each home in Columbus has its own character, we tailor our crown molding painting services to suit your specific needs. Our team is adept at working with all types of crown molding, providing insights on what works best for your home’s architecture and design theme. Whether it’s enhancing a modern abode or a classic residence, we bring precision, care, and a touch of creativity to every project.

For homes across Columbus, crown molding is not just a detail—it’s a statement. Contact CertaPro Painters® of Columbus, Ohio, today to discover how our crown molding painting services can redefine your living spaces. Embrace the fine elegance of meticulously painted crown molding and let your home stand out with unparalleled grace.

Crown Molding Being Installed

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