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A Multi-Room Job

The project involved painting the living room, main hallway, foyer, upstairs hallway, upstairs bathroom and ceilings of this home in Wilder, KY. There was a light gray color painted throughout most of the home. Multiple rooms on different floors were all a very similar color: including the foyer, bathroom, living room and upstairs hallway, etc. There was also some light repairs that were needed in the corner of the walls and ceiling in the living room.

before and after interior


Before any painting began, we performed the necessary prep work: repairing all nail pops, sealing stains and sanding scuff marks where it was needed, in addition to priming. We also had to mud sand and scrape where the mirror was removed to paint in the bathrooms. The mud sanding and scraping was a special technique that needed to be done after removing the large mirrors as to not damage the integrity of the drywall. Other prep work that needed to be done was to tape markings on the ceiling.

Since there were so many different colors being used, our crew had to have great attention to detail and stick to the scope of work to paint each room their specific color selection.


Interior jobs are always done with extreme care as to not disturb any of the belongings in the home. The ceilings were painted a fresh coat of white ceiling paint. The other areas of the home were painted 4 different colors and types of paint: matte, semi-gloss, etc. adding a lot of character. This also gave a beautiful differentiation between each area of the home.

before and after hallway


before and after bathroom

Another Transformation Complete

The colors of this home’s interior were now nicely differentiated, giving the home more liveliness and space between the rooms. If your home is in need of a makeover like this one, contact us to get your free, no-obligation estimate on your project. To see other featured projects, click here.