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4 Rooms to Paint Before the Holidays

Posted on October 27, 2021

Per usual, the year has flown by and the holidays are nearly upon us. Act now to spruce up your indoors before hosting holiday guests and gatherings. Before pulling out the fall and winter decor, give your walls a once over. If they lost their luster over the last couple years, maybe it’s time to invest in interior paint before the holidays.

It’s true the next few months are packed with holidays, making it an exciting time of year. Decorations, food, parties and more make it a fun and memorable time. Assist your decor to stand out with a new paint color.

When picking your color, keep in mind that it should go with the holiday look you are trying to achieve, but also be appealing enough to look at the rest of year. Coordinating with fresh, crisp neutrals like white, taupe or silver can be the perfect solution. For warmer options, try yellow, green or beige.

When you prepare for your painting, get a good idea of the areas you would like to address. If there are common areas that have had more use this last 18 months, likely the walls are showing it. Focus on places that will be utilized for your holidays. If you’re hosting holidays meals, think kitchen and dining area. Will guests be staying with you? Update the guest bath and bedroom.

Dining Room

Hosting holiday parties or dinners will likely use the dining room. While the area is often empty, this is the season it shines. Still it tends to be overlooked when it comes to updating with paint. Give it a makeover with a pleasing color and the space will feel fresh and new again. Choose a hue that will compliment table linens, centerpieces and dishes used for the holidays.


Kitchens have been the centerpiece of the home, especially the last year or so. This means more spills, splatters and messes strewn across the walls and cabinets. Degreasing and painting a fresh coating of paint gives your kitchen a new shine. Coordinating the colors between the kitchen and dining area creates a magazine worthy look to set the stage for family and friends.

Guest Rooms

End of year and holiday travel could mean you are hosting a houseful of guests for extended stays. Guest rooms and bathrooms sit vacant most of the time; out of sight, out of mind. Now is the time to take inventory of your extra towels, sheets and pillows. While you’re rifling through the guest bath and bedroom, inspect the walls. Are they dingy and in need of some love before holiday visitors arrive? Consider a paint job to give the room a fresh feeling.

Family Rooms

Many houses have a formal living room or family room that is not used frequently. Set the tone for Christmas morning gift opening or New Years Eve cheersing by adding an accent wall and new paint hue. The room will be new and inviting for your guests.

Let the Festivities Begin

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