3 Tips for End of Season House Painting

Posted on September 29, 2021

Fall is here and now is the time to plan for the end of season. With lower temperatures, changing leaves and pumpkins arriving, there’s no denying it. This change of season also signifies the start of something else: the best time for house painting! Cooler temperatures create the perfect climate for an exterior painting job. And since rain and snow are not expected to begin, it is best to get your exterior painting job done. Here are 3 tips for end of season house painting.

Prepare for Winter

Embarking upon an end of season exterior painting project gives you the opportunity to also address any winter maintenance that should be taken care of. Use the exterior painting project to also repair damage, seal openings and essentially get your home ready for the cold months to come. This will also help avoid moisture intrusion, keep critters out and give your substrate a solid coating. A new film will allow you to power wash in the spring without worry of tearing up the old paint.

Hire the Best House Painters

Sometimes choosing the right painters can be the most difficult part of an exterior painting project. Bringing in a reputable and skilled team seems simple enough. At CertaPro Painters of Cincinnati, we are happy to provide case studies, portfolio images and reviews to help assist you in your decision to hire.

Schedule Sooner Rather than Later

As the season comes to an end, painting companies tend to get booked up. There is a limited window when exterior painting can be successfully completed. Getting started straight away will give you more of a chance to get your house painted before the end of season.

End of Season House Painting with CertaPro

We are happy to get started on an end of season painting project. Schedule a free, no-obligation estimate appointment now.

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