The Pros & Cons of Kitchen Cabinet Colors

After you have decided on an interior style or design theme, it is time to compare and contrast kitchen cabinet colors. One way to do this is by adding a few different paint colors to a poster board, and placing it in your kitchen at different times of the day. This will allow you to see how each paint color looks in different lighting. Another great way to see what a specific paint color will look like on your cabinets is by scheduling a free color consultation with CertaPro Painters. Our team can use our innovative color visualizer tool to accurately show you what a specific paint color will look like on your kitchen cabinets.


Pro: White cabinets might seem like they’re everywhere, but it’s not because they’re trendy — it’s because they’re timeless. They’re always in style and allow for flexibility in the rest of your kitchen. It’s possible for white kitchen cabinets to fit perfectly into both a grandiose traditional design and a minimalist, contemporary design.

Cons: There’s a little more maintenance involved here, simply because they’re white. While it’s not impossible to have painted white cabinets when you have kids or pets in the house, it’s not as easy as a stained maple.

However, Don’t let this stop you. There are plenty of reasons to love white kitchens, but it may become an issue.


Pro: Blue makes for a fun accent color. And depending on the exact shade, it could almost be considered  a neutral, or it can be shockingly bright. Besides adding a pop of color, blue can actually make you feel good. Color psychology shows us that blue has calming effects, and brings feelings of peace and tranquility when used in moderation. Let us stress the importance of moderation when using unusual colors for your kitchen cabinets. But, If you’re ready to go blue, at hire professionals to complete the project. If you try to DIY, you may end up somewhere near Smurfville.

Con:  A kitchen cabinet color that looks good on a swatch might be overpowering on a wall of cabinets. If you really don’t want to repaint your cabinets in the near future, make sure you really love the shade of blue you apply it to your kitchen cabinets.


Pro: Gray makes a great kitchen cabinet color — not as stark as white, and not as traditional as wood. It comes in many tones but still cools off a space, and can range from classic to contemporary depending on the shade and its surroundings. Gray is just a beautiful neutral color that has only been really utilized w/ kitchens over the past decade

Bonus Points: gray kitchen cabinet colors on-trend right now.

Cons: Choosing a color that’s trendy is a gamble. Gray seems to be a color with staying power. More & more homeowners have turned away from using the old brown taupes as their default neutral paint color and are embracing various lovely shades of gray.

Gray as a neutral may just stand the test of time.

Brightly Colored Or Loud Color Cabinets
Pro: A pop of color can turn a boring room to one with wow factor. Not everyone likes neutrals, and choosing a bold color might be twist your kitchen needs to feel like it home.

Con: Bold colors in large doses can over power. You’ll grow tired of them. If you love purple and always have, then purple cabinets might be for you. Who cares what anyone else might think.? If your favorite color changes constantly, or if you are even a little are hesitant, find other, creative ways to add color into your kitchen.

Find the perfect bold piece of art, opt for a colorful appliances or paint just your island or an accent wall instead of all your kitchen cabinets. Grandma’s Law of “Everything in Moderation” definitely applies here.

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