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How Often Should You Paint Your Home Interior?

Posted on January 16, 2023

Your interior walls and ceilings can take quite a bit of abuse throughout the year. The most cited reason for painting the interior of your home is wear and tear or to update the color. But really, how often should you paint your home interior? Because there are no elements on the inside of your home, it needs to be repainted far less often than outside. You will most likely repaint your home because you’re looking to change the color or because of water or other damage to the walls.

High-Traffic Areas

The parts of your home to paint most often are those that are either highly trafficked or collect excess moisture. Bathrooms fall into both these categories. Areas like hallways and entryways/foyers tend to get a lot of foot traffic and action. Whereas laundry rooms may not be used as often, they can build up a lot of moisture that could destroy your walls. These areas that are prone to moisture buildup should be repainted every 2 to 3 years. Make sure to take care of any crevices where leaks may occur.

The Fifth Wall

Ceilings are not exposed to dirty fingers or brushes against them like walls are. Your ceiling will change color through sunlight and moisture causing a yellowing effect. You can expect ceiling paint to last about twice as long as wall paint–giving it up to 10 years. Because the most common color is flat white, the room will look 20% brighter with a new coating.

Baseboards and Trim

Baseboards and trims are a completely unique element of your house to deal with. However, like those high-traffic areas, baseboards and trims typically face a lot of damage. They often endure vacuums, foot traffic, and runaway toys. We recommend painting these surfaces every two years. More importantly, though, make sure that you are cleaning these areas. Failure to do so will result in quicker paint deterioration and avoidable damage will pile up.

Paint Your Home Interior with CertaPro Painters®

Whether you’re unsure whether your home needs a new coat of paint right now or if you are still wondering how often you should paint your house interiors, an expert may be able to help. A professional interior house painter can also help you determine if there is any underlying damage to treat.

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