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Deck Staining Services in Cedar Rapids

Your deck is a major part of your home. It’s where you spend warm summer evenings relaxing with your family and weekends sharing a barbeque with your friends and neighbors. You want the material of your deck to last as long as possible and to weather summer storms as well as winter elements. The best way to protect your deck is to have it stained on a regular basis. The deck staining professionals at CertaPro Painters® of Cedar Rapids have helped countless homeowners keep their decks weather-resistant and visually appealing.

Depending on your needs, professional staining services for decks may include:


deck painting scrape lose paint


To prepare your surface, we will first remove any dirt, gravel, and chipped paint.

Power washing deck before staining

Power Wash

To ensure the surface is ready for stain or paint, we will thoroughly power wash.

Deck sanding service


If necessary, we will sand any areas that are raised or lose to create a smooth surface.

Exterior deck staining service

Paint or Stain

The final step is to apply premium paint or stain to your surface.

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Deck Staining ServicesDeck Staining

Staining your deck not only highlights the wood grain and improves its overall appearance, but it will also increase its lifespan by preventing rot and insect infestation. Deck staining will also prevent the wood from absorbing moisture, which can freeze causing costly damage.

When it comes to choosing deck stain colors, there are plenty of options, from natural-looking clear wood stains to bold solid colors. While you’re looking for one to suit your project, you should consider that a clear stain will bring out the wood grain, while a solid color will reveal very little of the wood’s natural color.

Many homeowners leave their pressure-treated wood as is because they think that you can not apply stain to treatment. This is not the case. There are many different shades of stain that can complement the look of treated wood. You can stain all decks whether they are pressure treated or they have already been stained.

Deck Staining Service Prices

Staining prices can vary. Factors which affect the price include deck repair, sanding, and power washing. You can get a fair and reasonable estimate for deck staining services by contacting our team of experts at CertaPro Painters® of Cedar Rapids.

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When To Re-Stain Your Deck

Homeowners should re-stain their decks periodically. The lifespan of your deck stain will depend on several different factors including:

  • The elements: direct sunlight is the biggest threat to your deck because it can cause the stain to dry out and weather much faster. Rain can also cause damage, especially if your deck is not treated. The wood can soak up the water and when the temperature cools it can freeze, causing cracks. With each season cycle, your deck can become a little weaker.
  • Foot traffic: Once you have applied a good deck stain, typical use of your deck will not begin to show signs of wear for several months. Gradually, the stain will begin to wear as the small particles of dirt beneath people’s shoes rub on the deck’s surface like sandpaper.

When is it time to reapply deck stain?

Your deck stain’s full protection will only last for three or four years, but to prolong its effect, you can apply another coat after two years. However, it is better for your deck not to apply too many coats of stain. After four years, you should remove the old stain and apply two fresh coats. This will strengthen and revitalize the wood.

Deck Staining Ideas in Cedar Rapids

There are several ways you can use stain to make your deck look unique. One way is to use two colors, a dark one for the main deck and a lighter one for accents. You may also want to paint your deck. This is possible using a quality acrylic paint. You will also need to apply a primer before painting.

Staining vs. Painting

If the winter weather has left your deck looking worn down, CertaPro Painters® of Cedar Rapids can make it look as good as new! We have completed many deck painting and staining projects in the area and are confident your deck will be in great hands. Many customers we speak with have trouble deciding if they want to paint or stain their deck. There are pro’s and con’s to both of these options. We wanted to create this post to help you better understand the differences between the two.

Whether you have a new or old wooden deck you will want to choose a finish for it in order to protect it from moisture and other weather damage. This will ensure your deck lasts as long as possible. You have to decide whether you are going to paint your deck or stain it. There are a couple differences between the two including the appearance, maintenance, cost, and durability. We put together a list of things you should consider when deciding between painting or staining your deck.


Stain is more natural looking. It forms a thin film that allows the natural pattern of the wood to show through. On the other hand, paint will completely fill the pores of the wood. This will hide all of the woods pattern and look more manufactured. It is completely up to you and your personal preference.

Stain can be painted. 

If you decide to stain your deck and then later decide you want to paint it, you won’t have a problem doing so. Stain is very easily painted over. However, going from paint to stain is not so simple.

You have more options with paint.

Your color options are endless if you decide to paint your deck. However, if you stain it you are more limited to natural wood tones.

Painting your deck will last longer than staining it. 

Paint on your deck can typically last 10 years or more before needing to be re-painted. Stains may only last 1-8 years depending on outside factors such as heat-related discoloration. Paint is also easier to maintain. It provides a dry surface that allows for an easier cleaning process. Stain can be more difficult to clean due to its matte finish and may require a pressure washer.

Aside from deck painting and staining we offer a wide variety of exterior painting services. If you have any questions or are ready to schedule an estimate, fill out the form online or give us a call at 319-294-4322.

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Services from a Deck Staining Company

Once the conditions are right, it usually only takes 2-4 hours to stain an average deck. However, it can take up to 4 hours per 100 square feet to dry, so you should avoid using your deck until the day after the stain has been applied.

Using a professional deck staining company is crucial. If someone without the proper professionalism and experience stains your deck, they may not prepare the surface correctly. They may use the wrong type of stain, or they may apply the stain unevenly. All of these mistakes can impact the integrity of your deck, not only impairing its look, but also its structure. Staining a deck is not like painting interior walls. It can be very costly to undo poor staining.

Common Questions About Deck Staining Projects

How often should I paint or stain my deck?

Deck staining should be done once every two to three years, depending on the environmental elements the deck is exposed to. Staining is important to maintaining the life of your deck. Stain wears off over time allowing water to make contact with the wood and cause mold or rotting to occur.

Can CertaPro Painters® replace broken or rotted sections of wood on a deck?

If the damage is non-structural, many of our independently owned and operated CertaPro Painters® franchises can make light carpentry repairs as needed.

Do I need to be home while the painters are working on my deck?

No, it is not required that you be home while the crew is working. It is ideal to have someone there for the start of the project.

What are the trending stain colors for decks?

Popular stain colors include lighter colors like cedar and oak and shades of red like redwood and mahogany-colored stains.

Do I need to sand my deck prior to painting or staining?

Sanding is not a requirement for staining a deck. The sanding process enhances the feel of the deck and can improve the appearance, but sanding is not always required. When preparing your estimate, your local painting team will discuss the best preparation techniques they can do based on the needs of your unique project.

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