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Signs When to Paint a Commercial Property in Phoenix

Much like patrons in an Arizona fine dining establishment judge both the look and taste of their appetizers as their first impression as to the quality of the restaurant, people also judge the exterior of a company for the same reason. Simply put, if the outside does not look inviting and well-kept, people lose interest in entering.

A building that needs commercial painting in Phoenix says to customers with its peeling paint or cracked stucco that the owners either have not noticed or do not care about upkeep. Both of these may alter the decision-making process of doing business with the firm. The commercial property that houses an organization should also be representative of the company inside.

On average, a structure should have the exterior repainted every three to five years, have the interior repainted every five years. It is a good idea to inspect the property every six months to a year for needed maintenance and touchups.

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Signs a Commercial Property Needs Painting
Properties start off with small signals and move on to loud blaring issues that often are costly to repair before painting. It is a wise move to use the services of a commercial painting contractor that handles both repairs and painting for a seamless service. Other hints from the structure for a fresh coat of paint include the following:

The intense Arizona sunshine contributes to caulking. When the barrier against the elements in the exterior levels of paint wears down, you will see signs of flaking paint. It is vital to address this as soon as it is noticed as once the paint is chipping, the structure no longer has protection from the sun and weather.

The UV rays emitted by the sun take their toll on the best exterior paint jobs. Fading occurs in different fashions depending on the chemical makeup of the paint used. It may fade or become lighter, and some paint colors change to different hues entirely.

Chipped or Peeled Paint
When the exterior shows signs of chipped or peeled paint, it also is an early warning sign that damage to the structure is occurring. With that top level of protection gone, both water and sunlight deteriorate the property, and the issue spreads until repainting of the structure happens.

Swollen or Split Boards
This is a common issue when too much time lapses between caulking of the paint job occurring and the decision to repaint. Boards on the north side of a structure tend to be the most vulnerable to this problem. In cases where the boards have the potential for restoring through scraping and repair, a commercial painting company knows that quality repainting of the damaged boards seals them off from further damage and allows reuse.

A popular choice for an exterior texture throughout Arizona, Stucco has its own unique needs for upkeep and requires priming before repainting. New stucco requires curing for a period of time ranging from several weeks to months before priming and painting.

If the property owner waits too long to have the structure painted, the list of needed repairs increases. Common problems that require fixing before painting are:

Algae and Mold
Algae is a more prevalent issue than mold but requires addressing just the same. It is almost always indicative of a drainage or ventilation problem. The commercial painting contractor you choose to work with should solve this dilemma before painting.

Bubbling on Surfaces
This is a heralding sign of water damage happening under the surface. It often appears in tandem with algae, mold, or mildew.

Dry Rot
This is something no property owner wants to find out is happening to their building. This problem occurs when there is constant moisture underneath walls and floors. Fungus forms, and once established, it spreads quickly, effectively rotting building materials. This is sometimes the result of the usage of sub-standard primers and paints. A quality primer used between the paint and the structure allows the building to adjust to outside temperatures and prevents the buildup of moisture.

Considerations When Choosing a Commercial Painting Company
Once you make the determination your commercial property needs repainting, there are some points to consider before choosing a company. You are relying on the exterior of your business to not only project the best face forward for your firm but also protect the structure. Confirming they have experience dealing with various substrates such as wood, concrete, vinyl and aluminum, block, and cement board and performing repairs before painting is crucial.

Interior Commercial Painting
It is very apparent when the interior needs a fresh coat of paint. Another value-added extra to ask for when getting the interior painted is the application of high-durability coatings. These sealants work over areas in the building that receive heavy use such as floors, walls, and entryways to extend the life of the paint job.

CertaPro Painters of Cave Creek at 602-277-4002 has the equipment and expertise to handle any size exterior or interior commercial painting job. Our skilled staff addresses any structural issues before painting with quality materials and works to ensure the result is the best paint job your building has ever had. We serve the areas of Cave Creek, Anthem, Carefree and Phoenix.

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