19 August 2021

House Painters or a Handyman? Our Professional Opinion

It is rare to not come across unexpected problems when painting the interior or exterior of your home. Scuff marks, chips, and damage are all common problems for surfaces that need repainting. If the damage to your home is evident before even hiring a professional, you may wonder if you should hire house painters orRead the full article

23 July 2021

Common Stucco Repair Needs in Cave Creek, AZ

Stucco is an extremely popular material for home exteriors in Cave Creek, AZ. The surface is well-known for being heavily resistant to heat and UV rays. When applied correctly, stucco can make your home energy efficient, fire retardant, and less susceptible to noise pollution. When applied incorrectly, though, problems can begin to arise and stuccoRead the full article

08 June 2021

3 Repairs for Drywall to Make Before Painting

Painting your home is beneficial for so many different reasons. It can be tempting to jump into the project without taking the proper precautions. However, if you neglect the damage blemishes on your current wall, they’ll simply show up on your new coat of paint. Repairs for drywall are especially important. Not only will fixingRead the full article

20 May 2021

Repairs to Make Before Painting Stucco

It is nearly impossible to escape homes with stucco exteriors when you live in an area like Cave Creek. The durable material is perfect for resisting the harsh rays of the sun that beat down tirelessly day after day. Unfortunately, even stucco has a breaking point and requires a new paint job. Before you slatherRead the full article

10 May 2021

The Importance of Stucco Repair and Painting

CertaPro Painters offers a wide variety of stucco services, including repair and painting. We have ample experience inspecting, washing, and painting stucco. We are also fully aware that these types of homes require a lot of care and attention. But what is so important about keeping your stucco exterior in tip-top shape? In this article,Read the full article

14 April 2021

3 Reasons to Paint Your Ceiling

When people think about painting a home, they’ll think about the interior walls, the exterior walls, and some detail work. They often miss out on one place that can easily transform a room: the ceiling!  There are plenty of benefits to painting a ceiling. Not only does it take the look of your home toRead the full article

31 March 2021

Painters in Cave Creek: How to Choose the Best Paint Company

Maintaining the paint on your house is essential when you live in a dry place such as Cave Creek. The sweltering summers and cold winters can be disastrous on the exterior of your home. There is little that is more important than hiring the most professional painters in Cave Creek to get the job done. Read the full article

23 November 2020

Best Color for Bedroom Walls

The case has been made countless times that colors and light can affect our mood and even our energy levels. The right color can help you fall asleep easier, and even wake up lighter and with more energy. Here are a few colors that tend to fare well in bedrooms, that will hopefully help youRead the full article

02 November 2020

Problems with Stucco in the Desert

When you drive through neighborhoods around Cave Creek, you will notice a lot of stucco covered homes. This is popular in the desert because the stucco can stand up to the harsh sun’s rays. After time, the stucco on your home can begin to show signs of wear and tear. If these are not repaired,Read the full article

23 September 2020

Top Colors for Desert Exteriors in Cave Creek

Choosing the right color for your home is a decision sometimes made more difficult depending on where you live. In the desert, especially, you may be weary of what kinds of hues work. They need to be best suited for your environment and climate. There are a few things to keep in mind when choosingRead the full article