15 May 2020

Professional Cabinet Painting Colors for Top Results

Kitchen cabinets are the main architectural element in the room. That being said, if they are out of date or suffering from cracks and chips, your room can quickly look dilapidated and old. Kitchen updates are always messy and inconvenient but updating cabinets doesn’t necessarily mean putting in new ones. Having custom made cabinets createdRead the full article

11 November 2019

Locate an Interior/Exterior Painting Company That Provides Quality Services In Phoenix

As with anything else you do to your home, it helps to do a bit of research before putting your faith in any one company. The Phoenix area has numerous painters available that say they can get the job done. However, there are several service and paint-related factors to consider before trusting someone with yourRead the full article

29 October 2019

Carefree Exterior Painting

Why Your Carefree, AZ Home is Ready for a New Paint Job There are many reasons to paint the exterior of your property. One of the most significant assets is the boost in curb appeal that a fresh coat of paint delivers. When hiring a professional company to handle the Carefree exterior painting of yourRead the full article

24 October 2019

Commercial Painting Phoenix

Signs When to Paint a Commercial Property in Phoenix Much like patrons in an Arizona fine dining establishment judge both the look and taste of their appetizers as their first impression as to the quality of the restaurant, people also judge the exterior of a company for the same reason. Simply put, if the outsideRead the full article

16 October 2019

Professional Cabinet Painting in Cave Creek

The cabinets in a Cave Creek home receive a lot of opening, closing, slamming, and even worse treatment over the life of a home. Regardless if they are in the bathroom, hallways, or the kitchen, residents do not realize how often they are grabbed and otherwise touched each day. Over time, each swipe wears downRead the full article

25 September 2019

How CertaPro Painters Makes the Interior of Your Home Just Right Every Time

Professional Interior Painters and Repair Crews for Phoenix Homes Homeowners in Phoenix love and care for their houses maybe a little bit more than in other cities. The sun and heat keep most of us inside more often, so taking care of the interior with a fresh coat of paint to keep it looking newRead the full article

16 September 2019

Professional Painters and Solutions for Phoenix Homes

When Phoenix homeowners decide on a new coat of paint, many do not immediately realize that a professional repainting of their home requires many more tasks than simply laying down drop cloths and opening a can of premium latex. At CertaPro Painters, our crews of professional painters offer Phoenix homeowners a multi- full-service, approach toRead the full article

10 September 2019

Professional Painting Contractors In Phoenix

For Phoenix and much of the rest of our state, the sunshine and temperature bake the exterior of each residence, pushing owners, family, and friends inside. That means while the outside peels and cracks, the interior gets bumped, scraped, spilled on, and colored on the walls.     When homeowners need help to clean andRead the full article

29 August 2019

Phoenix Home Interiors

Phoenix home interiors take much unintentional abuse over time. Dining room walls get bumped by chairs pushed back after meals, kitchen ceilings absorb grease and smoke from hundreds of meals, the list is endless. Homeowners may wipe down or wash off the worst of it each year while “Spring cleaning,” but it builds up overRead the full article

06 August 2019

Professional Interior Painting for Cave Creek Homes

Cave Creek residents are in an excellent location for our state. There is quick access to the largest city in our state, as well as the Cave Creek National Park and other nearby parks and reserves. Thanks to the location, many homeowners prefer to tweak or upgrade their residences every few years, rather than seekRead the full article