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Painting Staircases and Banisters in Castle Rock

CertaPro Painters® of Castle Rock specialize in stair and banister painting services. Staircases are often one of the first things you see when entering a two-story home. They are a focal point for family and guests alike. We can upgrade these spaces in both residential and commercial properties. When you maintain staircases and banisters, you can create a seamless look in both your interior and exterior spaces. Below are a few examples of staircases we have renovated in the local community.


Repairs & Staining


Intricate Banisters


Stairway Banister & Trim Painting


Two Tone Banisters

The Staircase Renovation Process

There are quite a few steps that go into painting staircases and banisters. Each project will have its own unique set of requirements depending on the condition of the surfaces. Below is a general idea of what you can expect during your project.

  • Remove any old nails or protrusions from the stairs, trim work may also need to be removed
  • Rebuild broken stairs or landing areas
  • Sand all wood surfaces, multiple sanding’s with increasing sandpaper grid is recommended
  • Vacuum away dust from sanding
  • Use a block sander or sand by hand for hard to reach corners and banisters
  • Fill holes or imperfections with wood filler
  • Reinstall or replace the previously removed trim work
  • Wipe down surfaces with a rag and paint thinner
  • Caulk areas of trim where needed
  • If painting, prime surfaces to be painted
  • Paint two coats of paint

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